Friday, June 10, 2011

Hexie Progress

Just because I really don't have anything crafty to blog about I took a progress picture of my hand sewn hexies project. You can see the one I am working on baretted in...I really am enjoying working on this and it having a quilty travel along project. I may only get a few hexies done each time I take it out, but eventually it will grow into something larger.
DJ and I went out last night and met up with four of my Deaf friends. It was really nice to relax and not have to interpret everything for DJ! We even danced to "Lady" all alone on the dance floor. Today Hannah will be arriving *yay* and we are planning to go fishing tonight. DJ wants to try to catch a Walleye since she has never heard of or seen them in person. Iwill bring my hexie project and my Nook! We will have a good time with my cousin Tara, her hubby Tommy and son Reid. Some of the gals from last night may wind up joining us too.

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Amy said...

Sounds like you're breaking DJ into Wisconsin living rather well :0) Hope the fishing was successful!

How long you still in the State?