Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sewing Day at June's House--That's Nice!

Today was another sewing day at June's house! Bj, Ros and I spent the entire day there happily sewing and laughing away. These ladies are so much fun and we talk about everything under the sun and the day flies by so fast. I am truly blessed to have found these gals!
I start of the day making Carrie Nelson's block for the Designer Mystery BOM. Patchwork Pinwheels I think is the name of it. You may notice I made a design change (ahem) and switched the green for the blue pinwheels. This took me about two hours to make...most likely since I was gabbing away!

Next I sewed up all the rest of the clue five Carolina Crossroads blocks and ironed them.
I had cut and pinned a bunch of the Outside the Box quilt I am making for the third time. That made it much easier to gab and sew but I still messed up a few blocks and did a little unsewing!
Meanwhile BJ shared her Chunky Churndash block from a swap she did. June snuggled up with Fido...and sorted her squares. And Ros decided what to work on for the day. She made nine patches and then cut them into a Disappearing Nine Patch Generation Two I think she called it.

Here is the start of her blocks coming together.
I put these blocks together and snapped a picture before I realized the first block is turned with one brown strip sewn wrong! Fixed that.

I love how these blocks come out. I am hoping to get this quilt done in the next week or so and get it to Ros to be quilted...with any luck it will wind up in the art show for Autism.

Next I made two more Pineapple Blossom blocks. I now have a total of seven I think!

Here everyone is working hard. BJ is working on a cool patchwork skirt. You may notice the red, white and blacks are the same as Ros'. They are participating in a challenge and got the fabrics from a shop. June has a bag of them too but hasn't figured out what to do with hers yet. I didn't participate because I am a pattern follower, lol and didn't want random fabric and to try to figure out what to do with it. Just not my idea of fun....haha!
We shared a bunch of stories and a few jokes..."That's nice!" is our new punchline to everything. You had to be there but I gotta say we laughed and laughed and I needed it!


3anklebiters said...

your outside the box quilt is beautiful!

Roslyn said...

It was a ton of fun, Andee & productive too, at least for three out of four of us,LOL.