Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please ignore the chair, lol but here are my Pineapple Blossom blocks so pattern on if you are interested. It is a fun block to make and I am using up tons of 2.5 inch scraps. Pattern also explains 2 inch scraps too. I need to make some more of these when I get a chance...need some more colors!

Today at the college I work at they had a charity event to help local families who may need food. For ten bucks we could buy a cool bowl that the art students made and keep it as well as have some soup, bread and lemonade...a simple meal to remind us that people are going hungry in the world. I would have given my ten bucks to the cause or to the lunch, but I am overjoyed to get to have this little bowl. They had tons to pick from and this one jumped out at me and made me smile. This pic is from my phone so I will take some more so you can see it and enjoy it too. Anyway, giving felt really good, but I feel like I was receiving too!

One other note, I wore purple today to support LGBT people and to stand up to the bullying many of them have to deal with. I mourn the passing of the young people who didn't know that it gets better and hope that the world gets the message. We are here though you may not realize we are "other" and we are just like you!


Barb said...

Love love love your quilt.

What an awesome Charity event, the bowl is a great reminder.

Tiffany said...

I wore my purple too!