Friday, October 22, 2010

Outside the Box Quilt Flimsy is Done :)

I finished my Outside the Box quilt flimsy tonight. There was a whole lot of rearranging blocks and I made three more. Kathy helped me figure out the went like this: "move that one up a row and that one down two over one, no, more that other one down two and the one that is there to the corner...." and ON AND ON. Kathy said it was like that game on The Price is Right where they put the similarily priced items together or whatever. We laughed, pulled all the blocks off the wall and started from scratch...after a few adjustements we were satisfied. Oh and we asked Coleman his thoughts and he was no help at all. He suggested we "move that one there, that one there, this one up and that one over..." none of which I could follow!
Anyway since this is my third one of these quilts (pattern in Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr--one of my absolute all time favorite quilt books--and they are coming out with another book practically as I type. Weeks has a blog I read, go find it--Craft Nectar!) I had to show the first two. This one is Hannah's.

This one is Rachel's flimsy. It is done and in Norway now.

And this is the third one. I didn't realize the brown I picked out was SO MUCH lighter til I was well underway. I think I prefer the darker, but hey the top is done. Hopefully Ros will get it quilted and it will find its way into the art show too!


Amy said...

Catchin' up with your blog posts.....holy buckets girl! You've been busy!!!!

I love these "Outside the Box" quilts; so much so that I may just have to draft up my own block design and go with it.

Barb said...

The top looks wonderful!

Wacky Woman said...

It's gorgeous!!

Amy said...

Gosh, I keep getting drawn to this quilt everytime I see the pic on the sidebar of my blog. I realllllly love it!

How is it quilted? It looks like lines? random lines?
That brown is a perfect mocha color! GREAT GREAT COLOR SELECTION! A++++