Friday, October 15, 2010

Saggy Baggy Elephant and More

Last night I whipped up another quilt for soon to be four year old Seth. He loves the quilts I give him to death. I think this is his fourth now. He chews on the binding for comfort or something and they wind up in tatters from the washing. So I didn't take tons of time on this quilt, but wanted him to have another one because he keeps asking for one!
I quilted it myself just following the lines in both directions. It is far from perfect, but I know Seth will jump up and down with happiness so that is all that matters. I need to do binding after work today because his party is Sunday! Thinking I may bind it in the black but not sure...may go black and the yellow scrappy ish.

Finally mailed off Scratch (from Schnibbles Times Two book!) to my cousin Jamie and her new husband. I hope she loves it as much as I do because this one was hard to part with!

It finally has a label too...though I didn't upload that picture.

I have been playing with hexies lately...these aren't sewn together yet but are from Denyse Schmidt's fabrics. I have about ten of them together now..just randomly doing them by hand when I get time. Really fun!

This is the pattern I won from Jona at the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It is by Cherry House Quilts. If you look closely at the Saggy Baggy Elephant you will see I used the measurements from this pattern but changed up the color placement and didn't add circles to it. So this pattern has already come in handy! I like it as it too (there are two choices in the pattern) so I am sure I will be making it again. Thanks Jona!

Off to work, but I am sewing with June and crew tomorrow so I should be making some more progress!


Tiffany said...

Ok obviously I am a total slacker if you already have a whole quilt whipped up from that pattern you JUST got. Haha.

scottylover said...

Oh, where did you get that Saggy Baggy Elephant fabric?? That was my FAVORITE book when I was little. I want some! :) Love both quilts you posted, too. Isn't it fun when someone LOVES what you make them so much?

Sandy A