Monday, October 11, 2010

Carolina Crossroads Clue Five in Progress and Pineapple Blossom too!

I went to June's yesterday and sewed all of my clue five triangles into twosies and a few into foursies. I got half of them ironed too! These are for the Carolina Crossroads quilt by Bonnie Hunter.
I then made a quick Pineapple Blossom Block because it has been awhile since I made one and added to the scraps in the right sizes and wanted to use some of them! So here is one more block.

And here it is with the other four. They are kind of addicting to make and I already can't wait to do another one, or two!
Well off to work and start the week!

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scraphappy said...

Carolina Crossroads was so fun to make, not much a mystery now though :) Your pineapple blocks are so bright and happy. I love the way the colors all match even though the fabrics are scrappy