Saturday, October 23, 2010

Backing is Pieced for Outside the Box Quilt

I decied to use all my leftover pieces of fabric and the two yards or so that came with the original kit (that I decided I didn't really want to do afterall about two years after I bought it) and wound up with this. Didn't think it out too hard but didn't want all the blue in the middle so I split it and added the pieced part in teh middle. Didn't quite have enough of that blue so there is a red corner. Should make this quilt pretty reversible!
Here is the top again in the outdoor sunlight. Ros met up with me today for a quick exchange and bite to eat and so she will be working this one into her busy quilting and grandma-ing schedule. I appreciate it Ros!
I should also mention I actually lost 4.2 pounds this week! That is 23.2 for the past 9 weeks I think it has been. I needed it..the last two weeks were tough.
And up tomorrow? I am hoping to get Paganini Schnibbles cut and maybe start sewing. I don't really need to do this one, but been thinking of join the Year of Petite Projects and doing the ones that interest me since I had so much fun with A Year of Schnibbles.

And this pattern is cute! You can get it all over, but I borrowed this pic from the Fat Quarter Shop...and they have always made me a happy customer! Thanks FQS!

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Suburban Stitcher said...

Great job on outside the box! I worked a big last month on Paganini, and I haven't finished it yet. Probably won't finish this month for the "deadline" but I do love it ;)