Saturday, June 12, 2021

June is for Purple!

I finally had an easy time with this block now that I am on number six and have written tips on the pattern (start at the bottom for example).  I ordered another aqua fabric which hopefully works with this one since I do not have anything of similar shade in my entire stash.  I never knew there were so many aquas!  I do not have enough for framing each block so I thought if I did half in another aqua and put it all together it would look decent.  Linking up with SoScrappy!

I organize my strings each month too.  I have a bag of all colors which is where new strings go since I am not digging out all the bags and sorting each time a string appears.  I pull all the color of the month out of it and add it to the current color so I feel like that is organizing a bit.  The huge drawer I keep the strings in is matter how many blocks I make!

I made and added another row to Wild and is now 9 x 10.  I need to lay it out outside for a photo but it is HOT!  I seem to overheat super easily and am just trying to stay cool.  I am not sure if I will add more, but for now I put all the paper piecing stuff away.  I can only tolerate the mess for so long!
Yesterday I made a bunch of hand warmers/bean bags for Christmas gifts for Coleman's crew.  Jay gifted me a HUGE bag of rice (plus I had bought one not too long ago) so I need to be creative and use it.  I found a frog pattern and am planning to make a few frogs for gifts too.  Anyone have any great gift ideas for things stuffed with rice?



The Joyful Quilter said...

Pretty PURPLE tree for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge, Andee!!

Susie H said...

The purple tree looks great and good to hear you've got all the tips written down. I find writing things down works miracles for the next month(s). Love the Wild and Goosey blocks too. Way to work through those scraps!

Florence said...

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