Friday, June 18, 2021

Daddy's Tractor Challenge!

I ordered this turquoise grunge fabric to use on my Pine Tree Rainbow Scrap Challenge sashing.  I do not have enough of the other and am happy to say that this matches pretty good considering I picked it online.
I have slowed down on the Farm Girl Vintage blocks since I was busy paper piecing on Wild and Goosey.  Now that that is cleaned up, I decided to make a pair of Daddy's Tractor blocks.  I cut things over two days and messed up all over the place.  I actually cut the background out of the tractor green!  It took way too long to sew this due to all my errors and my pause to make pins with letters on them to put with each cut set.  In the beginning I used post it notes, then I just put them in order on the board...this one has A to Z in cutting and it was a hot mess.
I made the pins and that helped SO much.  They will get much use!
My triangle dyslexia also came out and my steering wheel was jacked up.  I almost left it, but after all I had been through with these blocks...well what is a bit more cutting and sewing?  I tried to fix and fudge it first and eventually went with starting that part again.  Much faster.
If you look carefully, the steering wheel on the left is short and the tractor on the right is missing a background.  They also both need a button on the smaller tire.  The Daddy's Tractor challenge is over!  I think I will eventually make a large one of these if I wind up with a grandson, hopefully it will go better for me!
I wish I would have made pins (or bought them) at the start of these blocks!  Live and learn!


The Joyful Quilter said...

SEW sorry for your tractor troubles, Andee!! Fortunately, things turned out well.

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