Friday, June 4, 2021

Honk Honk! Wild and Goosey Rides Again!

I finally dug out my Wild and Goosey paper pieced quilt two weeks or so ago and started making the blocks again. I always knew I wanted to make my top bigger, but I was just tired of making the blocks.  After waiting a few years, I am loving it again!  

All nine of these blocks made it into the next row and my top is now nine by nine blocks.  Still not big enough....

I did manage to make a pair of hand mixer blocks.
And I won on Alycia Quilts blog!  There was some flannel and cotton fabric!  Loving all that purple and pink and happy to put it to good use.  Thanks Alycia!

I thought I would show you what a mess it is when I paper piece.  I have a drawer of lights...overflowing despite how much I am using and a drawer and basket of darks.
It seems to breed while I sleep!  I have made five more blocks so far this week...sorry for the bad picture, I took it quick this morning!
Not sure if my videos will work, but Hazel started signing!  She can sign DOG and MILK/BOTTLE!

This one is how crazy she is for her mama when she comes!



The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh, how I wished that I liked to paper piece because your Wild and Goosey is gorgeous!!! As always, Hazel is TOO cute!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What great wild and goosey blocks!!! and a cutie little patootie there!

Florence said...

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