Sunday, June 20, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage is Growing!

Read the latest Once Upon a Book Club box and put it up for sale when I was done.  I have enjoyed all but one of the books I have read in the past year.  Thinking I may cancel after my birthday as it is not cheap, but I wind up selling almost all of them so basically it costs me postage for the fun each month.  
I started working on more towels since I need new ones (and I gave away all the ones I made last year) and they make great gifts.  I had to reacquaint myself with the buttonholer I bought which took only a few minutes with the help of a youtube video.  I sewed all the tops on to the towels (forgot to put batting in the top before I sewed, going with it) and now all that is left is to sew the buttons on.  Great thing to do in front of the TV this week. 

I also laid out one set of the Lori Holt blocks for fun.  Pretty happy with these and enjoying making most of them!

I then picked out an easy block to make (to help me recover from the tractor!).  This is the Mixing it Up block.  I also found an "All Things Lori Holt" facebook group and joined that.  Love seeing all the projects there.  My blocks are from Farm Girl Vintage 1 and 2 with the puppy from the Christmas book.  I need to buy Spelling Bee too!  Rather addicting, and I love that I am using my modern fabrics which do not see enough love now that my Tula Pink quilt is done.



Quilter Kathy said...

I bought a 3 month subscription for my Mom for Christmas and she enjoyed it so much that I bought another 3 months for her birthday. She shares it with her book club and they pass the boxes around so they have provided a lot of enjoyment for a group of elderly women during the lockdowns here.
Love your sampler project!

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