Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Christmas in June and More

Finally got outside early one morning (to avoid the heat--which has now finally left us) to get a good picture of Wild and Goosey.  Thinking it might be big enough but...
I got started on some Christmas presents and made a tool belt for Bear, Hazel and some other little one.
Made several fun frogs and gave one to Jay since he admired it.  Will be giving one to Colton and one to Lily and one to who knows who.
On Monday my best friend Monica and her hubby came to visit (they went to a Brewer game Sunday and spent the night in town).  It was so good to see her!  It has been two years.  We have a standing weekly FB Video chat but still was good to see her in person!  I gave her Bachelor Button Blue little mini quilt and she loved it!  (Also the pillows I made her for Christmas two years ago).
Hazel found my stash!  She is so ready to walk though she is not even nine months yet!
Her daddy plays guitar so we used her foot to make a guitar for Father's Day.
I joined Kathleen Tracy's Schoolgirl Sampler group and this was the first quilt chosen for June.  I quilted it with Baptist fans.  I am fairly happy with the way things look doing that pattern myself.  I love the little quilt!
Yesterday and today I made two doll buntings from the Moda Bakeshop pattern.  I made tons of these several years ago.  I had issues with the first one and it is folded the wrong way so it is longer and thinner.  These are for Lily and Hazel I think...unless I decide to make more, haha!



Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Wild and goosey is awesome!
and Little Hazel - Oh my - so cute!!

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