Monday, May 24, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage 2! The Sewing Goes On!

I was kind of sad that the four books I own by Lori Holt (and several PDF's) did not have a puppy block!  Luckily Barb had the Christmas book and borrowed it to me for this puppy!  It was fun to make.
Next, I decided instead of wrapping up these Lori Holt blocks, I should buy Farm Girl Vintage 2 and keep on sewing.  So I started with a nice easy pair of Acorn blocks.  Love how they came out!
Then I got crazy and cut for a pair of Rise and Shine Rooster blocks. I then took some of Lori's advice and tried to lay it out to help me with getting the fabrics right.  I use my board that I made from her tutorial for each block.  I wish I had made another smaller one to keep!  I love all the colors in this one, but way easier to screw it up.  

Super happy with how the blocks came out!  And Hazel, who is now pulling herself up and trying to take a step or two constantly, is eight months old!  Such a sweetheart!
Also, I gifted a mug rug to my mom (and will my aunt Nancy) of the extra crow blocks.  Papa DeLos' nickname was Old Crow after the whisky and his seeming crankiness so I thought they would get a kick out of that.  My mom has several crows at her house to always remind her of him.  Such a good man--very lucky he lived so long and I had so many years with him!
Over the weekend I sewed three different Eye Spy quilts.  This one is a freebie on Bonnie Hunter's page I printed off (Eye Spy a Four Patch).  
I finally used up the orange and black four patches I got from June years ago in the quilt on the left.  
I already put corduroy backs on these two and plan to tie them.  Kathy and I picked up a freebie back of fabric last week and it had a few huge chunks of corduroy.  There was some cotton and lots of fleece.  I also made a seat cover for our huge recliner because Lombardi keeps it pretty hairy!  I have a blanket I put on it but now I am hoping this will work better.  
I also made a bunch of beanbag fish and stuffed them with rice.  I had cut them out a few weeks ago and now they are all sewn.  Will be gifting to Saxon and Hazel.


The Joyful Quilter said...

Super cute quilt tops, Andee! Hazel and Saxon are going to have big fun with those bean bag fish you made. Can't believe she's trying to walk at just 8 months!!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Puppies and Chickens - Love them!! ( you won my fabrics but the email I have for you bounced back!!)

Florence said...

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