Friday, May 14, 2021

A Winner and a few flimsies!

Decided to make the Red Button Quilt Co. freebie this month--Welcome May.  I do not have much wool and wanted this to be colorful so with the current budget I went with what I had.  I pulled out my bag of already backed with sticky stuff and cut what I could from that.  I had to make brown but otherwise this was already in the bag!  I also pulled out hst's from my bin that were the right size and did a bit of squaring up where needed.  That made this project go fairly quickly!

Next up, figuring out how to quilt it.  

I also cut out a bunch of fish from felt that I had.  I am planning to make some fish beanbags, etc. for Hazel and Saxon for Christmas.

I also FINALLY got around to making Crosses Mourning for me from my Dad's clothes.  I made three of these and sent them to my sister, Margie and my Uncle Jim not long after my Dad died.  I always planned to get around to making myself one and even saved some of the border fabric to do it.  Now to quilt it...I think I had Ros quilt the others, I would have to look back at my blog but I am going to do this one.  I also put some of Limbania's fabric in here and some of the civil war prints are June's.  We lost touch awhile back and she moved to Oregon.  I looked her up a few days ago and discovered that she died in November 2018.  She was a great sewing buddy and I am super sad that I did not even know she passed away.  Her ashes were brought back to Mesa and she was placed near her hubby Herve....we drove past there not long before we left and waved at Herve but I had no idea that June was there too.  
I only had two folks who commented to win my mini quilt so I rolled a dice and got a 1, so my first commenter THE JOYFUL QUILTER is the winner!  Send me your address and I will get it out!  


scraphappy said...

Such a sweet mini quilt! So fun to be able to use what you have.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congratulations on finishing the top of your memory quilt from your Dad's clothes! Sorry to hear that your dear quilting friend has passed away, too. Thank you for hosting a giveaway. I'm SEW excited to be the winner of your darling mini quilt, Andee!!

Angie said...

Love the Welcome May appliqué! Making do with what's in the stash is always a good plan!

Florence said...

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