Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Clue Two is Done!

 My Pilates teacher cancelled on me this morning, but I woke up early and decided to sew some Moth in the Window blocks, then I finished up Grand Illusion clue two!  What a feeling!

 Last Sunday Kathy and I went to South Mountain for a hike.  We typically do this on Thursday afternoons and Sunday mornings but this one was a bit later in the day.  We decided to take a different path and see where it led.  We wound up going up and down four peaks!  The view from up there is fantastic.

 The way down back to the main trail was steep.  Some guy actually warned us that we should turn back on peak three because he seemed to think we could not make it down with the steepness.  Kathy went first and took pictures of me.  Seriously this jump is as tall as I am!
 Kathy told me to put my foot on a little tiny ledge and then to sit down.  It was a serious act of faith to do it even with her standing right there!  I am not in any hurry to do that part again, but hey guy I did it!
 After I sat down I could leap off alright, but wow what a trail.  Not sure I could get up from that direction!  After we got back on the main trail we took some pictures of the last ridge we had come across.  What fun!  This was the hardest and longest hike Kathy and I have done together (though not the most steps)!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Love your moth in the windows blocks, such a neat block. And Grand Illusion is looking wonderful. I am doing the MQ as well as Talkin'Turkey

Feathers in my Nest said...

Your Moths in the Window quilt is coming along Beautifully, love all the shirtings & colors...I've a nice stash of shirts...saving for a certain pattern in her 2nd book.
something is wrong with my Blog, I think it's missing part of it's HTML code..and I added CSS to center my header but it's not responding..

Debra in Ma.

bunbear said...

good for you! keep up the hiking, girl! you are inspiring me to start exercising.

scraphappy said...

What a great hike! You are on such a great roll with the fitness and weight loss. Love your blocks, and congratulations on being caught up on step 2. Now for a nap?

Kate said...

Congrats on finishing step 2. Your Grand Illusion blocks look great. That was quite a hike. Beautiful scenery.