Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Prize, A QOV for Papa and Other Goodies!

Sassafras Lane Designs has sent me Quiltmaker's 100 blocks Volume 10!  I am a winner!  I am so excited to get this magazine, I really like the Sassafras Lane block "Glee" it is so modern and of course I also love Bonnie Hunter's block, "Something Blue" and several of the others I saw while hopping around the blogs!
 Picture From

 I decided to take a picture of my magnets from (ForestJane) and realized when I put them in order that I am missing #3 Tobacco Road!  I have all of them in pins, but somehow missed getting that magnet.  It will be on my next order.  I love this stuff, time to order a new T-shirt with Bonnie's #1 fan on the back too--I need to go down a size! :)
 I put my mother's father (Papa DeLos Walker) in for a Quilt of Valor.  He is a world war two vet--was in the Navy.  He is in a nursing home now and this past weekend Karen delivered this fabulous QOV to him.  He loves it and I am so happy he got it!  I am so glad for this organization and am pleased to make a quilt or two each year to donate to this worthy cause.
  I am astonished at how some folks make lots of quilts for this or really intricate patterns that are time consuming--for instance Kevin the Quilter is making Grand Illusion as a QOV. My hat is off to him! If you are so inclined you can check out how Kevin changed up the fabrics to QOV colors and see his finished clue one! He and I are considering doing a second Grand Illusion half sized--I know, I am missing my mind somewhere! I want to do one in Packer Colors for my brother, I think!
Kathy let me open up an early Christmas gift...she got some of the fabric from my wish list!  It was from Green Fairy Quilts on Etsy.  I love their shop! 
  1. So should I start making more hst's for a second half size Grand Illusion?  Or just sit tight til Friday when clue two comes out?


Vireya said...

Congratulations on the win!

If you are going to make a second GI, I think you should definitely get going now, while you are up-to-date with the first one. No pressure!

Roslyn said...

Yes start another half size in other colors you said you wanted to do that anyway!
You're an overachiever so go for it!