Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Green Machine, A Repair, and a Few Bindings!

 My friend Barb saw that we bought a vintage machine the other day and offered up this vintage Singer 185J to me for a price I could not pass up.  She came home with me and Kathy is sewing on her until we get hers up and running.  She thinks we should call her Mrs. Hulk, but I am open to better suggestions!
I still don't have my laptop and this old one moves the curser constantly when I type so I will keep the words to a minimum, ugh!

My sister's great dane ate her quilt.  I did not want to repair it.  It has been at my house for a good long time.  I decided to gift her the repair for Christmas.  I am wrapping this one up again!
 I did the best I could--was able to match but my quilting sucks!  From afar it isn't too bad!

 I made and attached binding on both My Purple Heaven for Hannah and Scrappy Mountain Majesties for Mac.  I still need to sew more blocks for Coleman's Moth in the Window.
I have also worked some on Grand Illusion clue two.  Here are forty done..I have ten more that need one more seam and press, then I will be half way through clue two.  We are off to go hiking shortly and I will be sewing again tonight.  First I have to cut that other half!  Slow and steady!


Marly said...

It's a good job you still had some of the fabric to replace the great dane's snack! Your quilting's not bad - I didn't see the difference until you said - so don't tell your sister and she'll never notice! You've got so much done this week. Well done.

Vireya said...

I'm glad the great dane stopped after one bite!

Your quilts look lovely, and you've made far more GI blocks than me so far. I have 2 complete at the moment!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Love your machine. Lovely colors in grand illusion.

ledamewood said...

Name that machine! - How about Fiona, or Princess Fiona (Shrek's wife) Color looks about the same.

You are brave to tackle that repair on your sister's quilt. I think you did a great job - bravo. Now it will be used and loved again, rather than be an annoyance for you in your house.

Can't wait to see your latest Bonnie endeavor. Hopefully I can join in next year.

Lynn D in NC

Scrappy quilter said...

Great job on repairing the quilt. I love when one can save a trip like you did.

Candace said...

I recently purchased a 185 also, hadn't thought of naming it, but now the wheels are turning. My base is kind of crumbling inside, so I ordered a wooden one from a man who makes them and sells them on etsy. Can't wait to get it, I know then it'll be really beautiful, and I will concentrate on trying to make sure it is sewing well. I know it goes, but not sure how well it is really sewing yet. How about Jade, or Vina (from Star Trek). Or, if gender isn't an issue, Kermit,
Gumby, or Oscar.

scraphappy said...

What a fun machine. I can't believe the dog ate your quilt! So sad:(

Roslyn said...

You are such a nice sis to tackle thatnasty mess Andee, I hate repairs and this one was a doozy it would have hung over my head until I did it! I hope the dog has quit chewing that was a shame it was a really nice quilt with a lot of work into it.