Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shop Hop, Smith Mountain Morning and Santa Sack Swap Two Arrived!

Here is the Arizona Huggy Bench (minus our youngest member and DJ who took the photo) as we shop hopped! This photo was taken at one of the shops (I already can't recall which) but I did buy the ruler they were selling for the hunter's star quilt we posed in front of. I am making that Crown quilt for my sister and I think it will help it be a snap. Lots to show and tell you about day two, but will leave that for another post since I am not getting much sewing donw to talk about. My Viking is in the shop and my Singer and Janome are not working. Even hooked up the antique machine to see if it works but it isn't sewing (need to google that machine and see if I even have it threaded right!).

I got my first gifts from the Santa Sack Swap Two and have been remiss in posting about them! I can't open the gifts til Christmas so no idea what they are but I got a really cute handmade card with a sweet note inside from Shannon and here is my sack to put my presents in as they arrive. I think it is really perfect! I have it hanging in my quilting studio awaiting the next set of gifts.

So after the Packers kicked some Bear behind.... since I am not able to sew (seriously going nuts on that!) I did some more knitting and then started on some cutting. This is Smith Mountain Morning. All the peices are cut for this block except the muslim squares. So that was some forward progress!

Then I pinned the small brown logs to the centers on both sides and lined them up next to the machine (along with an Auntie's anvil block and a Bread and Butter flag I cut and pinned today) for sewing. Wish some actual sewing was going on...can't believe I own four machines and not a one of them works at present! GRRRR!!

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Shannon said...

Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun. I am glad that your stuff has found you.