Friday, September 2, 2011

RRCB Step 7 is Officially Done!

I wrote my entire blog post then accidently highlighted it and deleted it. GRRR! So once again...I have officially finished step 7 of RRCB! I trimmed all the string blocks to 11 inches while watching "Three Men and a Little Lady" which I somehow had never seen. It wasn't great, but helped make the trimming more enjoyable. Not sure why I couldn't have gotten to that sooner. Some of the blocks are still a little wonkier than I would like, but I think the top will turn out fine. I did discover I had one fabric sewn in backwards, I noticed it earlier, but am leaving it for posterity, lol.

Next to my machine you can see I am working on step 8 too...this is the border coming together. Next to that is the in progress centers of some of the Smith Mountain Morning blocks. I am Bonnie's number one fan!

This is what I am listening to lately. It isn't great but I keep listening. It is about a group of high school girls who make a pact to get pregnant. That is the only believeable part of the whole thing. It all just doesn't ring true.

I am excited to work two hours tomorrow and then be off work for three whole days. I have some prep work to do (powerpoints, tests, packets, etc.) but I plan on getting in plenty of sewing time! I am hoping my next blog post will have a row or two of RRCB sewn together!


Amy said...

Wa-hooooo! Great news all around (progress on quilting and that more quilting time is in your weekend plans!)

As for Bonnie's #1 fan....oooohhh dear; we MAY need to share that title :0)

The Cozy Quilter said...

You are way ahead of me on RRCB! These string blocks are so much fun--lots of variety in the fabrics makes them interesting to look at. I have not had any sewing time this week but hope to make some progress this coming week. I love your SMM blocks too. I have that one on my list of "quilts to make in my lifetime!".