Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Pics and a Tiny Purchase

Forgot about taking photos this morning so late afternoon pics will have to do. At least I could spread it out in my yard. My neighbor across the way, one door down, came home as I was seemingly taking photos of my rocks and looked at me strangely. Not sure he realized there was a quilt there!

I have to say I love it more and more.

Stopped in at JoAnn's and got a few more yards of Denyse Schmidt's new line. I think I am satisfied by the five I picked though I wouldn't turn my nose up at any of the others! I really need to start cutting up some of this fabric.

Finished more knitted dishrags...found the southwest looking colors and am working on some of those. Will have plenty for Christmas gifts!

Finally bought a new vaccuum...ours died a few weeks ago. We don't have much carpet but the rugs and carpet we do have seem to attract dog hair. And since we dogsat Kathy's dogs for a total of seven dogs for about two weeks this past month...well it feels so good to have moved all the furniture and dusted and vaccuumed it all! Meatloaf and potatoes are in the oven, I am freshly showered and soon will go pick Randy up from the airport (he was in Ohio for two weeks). Oh and the laundry is about done too. I managed to get all the prep for this week's classes done and the only thing that I haven't found time for is sewing! Maybe late tonight I can sneak in a little sewing! I stopped and saw June today for a bit and it was nice catching up with her. DJ and I had accidently taken her rotary cutter home (we brought ours that is exactly the same and used it and then took both home!) so we returned that. OOPS!

Yesterday I got to meet up with the Phoenix Branch of the Modern Quilt Guild for the second time. We met at Jona's house and other than Laura and Margarite who came with me and Jona I think everyone else was new to me. I haven't been for like ten months but hope to start going regularily. It is a really nice group of friendly quilt loving people. I am amazed at all the talent in our group...I consider myself to be just a quilter...I don't design quilts or patterns (or want to!) and really am better suited to following those creative people's patterns! I am hoping Jona will post some of the pictures she took of our show and tell and I can borrow them over here. I fell in love with a cute little quilt made from Max and Whiskers fabric which I don't have! Really there were so many awesome quilts and great conversation!


Sandra Kaye said...

Yes Andee, It was a great time . Even though it took me 2 hours to get there. :):) It was worth it. I put you on my blog roll, and I'm following you. Its nice to actually meet a blogger in person. Hope to be friends and quilt together more. Sandie

Amy said...

Oh yaaayyyy! I hope the weather was cooperating for you today while outside taking the picture.

"really need to start cutting up some of this" -- TOO FUNNY! It is a bit silly to think about that we quilters buy fabric, but then just look at it sit on the shelves for one reason or another. And sometimes, that reason is "it's too pretty to cut!" ;0)

Happy week ahead!

Myra said...

Your Roll Cotton Boll is gorgeous Andee!! Nice job! 8-)

Roslyn said...

WOW,RRCB is done, woohoo, it looks great Andee-the colors are quite different outdoors.