Saturday, September 3, 2011

Step 7.9, LOL

I am STILL on step 7...thought I had it completed but today when I went to look at the layout of the rows I discovered that is still step 7. Bonnie, my favorite scrappy designer and quilter, likes LONG steps with lots of pieces. (and I guess, so do I, hahah!) So here is today's sewing progress.

Ah, oops. Both ends were hanging the wrong way despite my pinning...I had to do a bit of unsewing on this row.


I think this is the half way point. I had had enough by this time and so I switched gears and did some sewing and ironing of the SMM and the border for RRCB. Got the stack next to my machine all sewn and half ironed. I also did some fabric folding today. I still love the pieced blocks, but am not nuts for the string blocks with them yet. That is okay, hopefully someone else will love it since it is likely to become a gift.

My latest Fat Quarter Shop Schnibbles patterns arrived today too! Loving the ones in the front of the picture and less nuts for those in the back. They may windup as gifts or in a giveaway since I really need to get it together and do one soon!

Here is a sneak peek of the SMM centers of one of the blocks. Loving them. Amy posted her top today (made with some of the same swap fabrics) and if that is motivating me to get going on this I don't know what would!

I was interpreting for an instructor the other day and he was saying that the point of blogs was to say to everyone "look at me, I am important" or something to that got me to thinking that I read blogs for inspiration and motivation and hope that others read my blog for the same. While ofc I am posting about my accomplishments and what I have done the point for me isn't to say look at me. I feel like us quilters are mostly one big happy family and we just enjoying getting to know each other!

I went to JoAnn's today with my coupons and got two yards of each of these fabrics in Denyse Schmidt's new Sugar Creek line. I want the green one with the flowers which I didn't find at that particular store and then maybe a half yard of the others but I controlled myself since shop hop is coming up in a few weeks and I don't even have a project in mind for these fabrics. I love the blue and the green really reminds me of my Grandma Char whose favorite colors were blue and green. Her formal living room and dining room were in those colors and she collected green depression glass. I know she would really have loved this fabric. My daughter's middle name is Charlene for her. She has been gone now almost 24 years but she still lives on in my heart. Home again, home again....

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