Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ok, Really, Step Seven is Done!

Here is the proof. Step seven of Roll, Roll Cotton Boll is finally complete. Thre was a wee bit of unsewing at the end when I somehow mixed up which end the little triangle went on but now it is all together.

The border is is progress but don't know that I will get it to it this weekend since I haven't done didley for prep. Gonna start on that as soon as this blog is finished. I think this quilt has grown on me and think the border will make it even better!

We stopped at Goodwill today and I bought the last gnome on the left there for 4.99! It is so cute and has been added to my outdoor gnome collection which is rapidly fading in the Arizona sun. Off to prep!


Shannon said...

Wow, it is so great. Good job on the finish of step 7. Good for you!

Amy said...


Now to put that final step on....the border :0)