Monday, September 26, 2011

Shop Hop Day Two or Four :)

Saturday DJ and I hooked up with Ros, BJ, Alyssa and Lauren after they went to Quiltz and The Olde Worlde Quilt Shop. We met them on the west side at In Stitches which is where the Hunter's Star picture was taken. Here we all are getting our demo.

Finally got a picture of DJ too. The shop gal took pictures of us all with two cameras and somehow they didn't actually since she was busy with another person DJ wound up taking the pictures again! I love that Happy Hour quilt in the background too!

Next we went to Bearly Stitchin and I should have taken photos as I went because it is all a blur what I bought where! This is the store that I left my Viking at for repair and I ordered their demo which was a cool ruler that locks onto your hst's for trimming. I think I have almost every ruler made now. LOL. This ruler has a channel on the bottom of it and it works like magic. I can't believe I haven't seen them all over blogs so far. I will show it when I get it!

For lunch we had Wildflower...I had french onion soup which was excellent and part of a sandwich which was also good and the other half was eaten for dinner much later! These amazing glass flowers were hanging in the restaurant...just had to get a picture of them!

After that we went to Quilter's Bee which is BJ's favorite store. There was a long demo of a few books with a cool cutting system to speed up your quiltmaking. DJ and I really wanted one of the books but since it was sold out we had to order it. I can't even remember the author's name but maybe Deb Caffrey?

The last shop hop store was SunValley Quilts where we turned in our stamped passports.

The bonus shop may have been my favorite of the day. At Arizona Quilts I fell in love with several fabrics on the fifty percent off rack and two others too.

At Arizona Quilts the gal there showed us her Civil War BOM from last year. This photo doesn't even do it justice. Both Lauren and I fell in love with it!

That cheddar and green block is my favorite!

Here are some of my fabrics...almost bought that top cheddar at two different stores! The light green with horses and the blue dots were on the clearance racks and the shirting has little roosters on it...I couldn't resist it!

Underneath these cheddars you can see the yard of backing fabric I bought. I love the cheater cloth stuff for my backings and I think this one will go on the back of the Bread and Butter quilt I prepped today.

In this stack you see some of the fabrics again...the bandana and cowboy/horse fabric was on clearance and I know it will wind up in a quilt for a little boy. The scizzors fabric I thought would be cute for either my iron cover that I might be making with the modern quilt guild, or for some sewing mat or something. It was supposed to be half off but my receipt doesn't show it...good thing I really like it!

Here is a better picture of the cute cowboy fabric...fifty percent off--how could I say no? I also bought a few things for my swap partner Shannon but not showing anything so I won't ruin her suprise!
Found some Packer fabic..hard to find in Arizona! My brother just asked me to make him a surgical cap out of Packer fabric so some of this is already cut and pinned (and in line which is fast backing up next to my non working machine!). DJ, Randy and I went to Dos Gringos to watch the Packers vs. Bears today too...was a good game! GO PACK GO!

Ah this is DJ's growing fabric pile. She kept picking things out and enjoyed herself more than I thought she would. The jelly roll and orange fabrics she already had here at home, bu all the rest was her loot from the shop hop. She wants to make a rainbow quilt. She also got good deals on her stuff.

After we finished the shop hop DJ and I drove out to see my sister and brother and nephew and then on to see my Mom and Dad. Spent a few hours there and had dinner before heading home. We figured we were in their neck of the woods so we should drop in (which we never do!). Mom is back from Disney and finally feeling well. She gave me a stuffed Cheshire Cat which I love! Well, it is 1 AM and I work tomorrow so I better get dinging (as my best friend Monica always says).

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Roslyn said...

If I knew you would be machine-less I would have brought you my little Singer FW, Andee, & if you want you can still use it as long as you need.