Monday, January 30, 2023

So Much Sewing Going On!

I made a mini goal to get a row on the Sparkling New Year Mystery each week.  Here is last week (and an error I just noticed today) and below is this week's and another error!  So there will be some unsewing happening later on.  Oops!  Bug had to pose too.
Hazel did a little painting at my house on a cool mat that uses water only.  She really liked it.  She is potty trained now, time is flying!  My daughter is pregnant again and due in is another girl.  We cannot wait!
My honorary daughter Rachel (in Norway) is pregnant with her third boy and due soon.  And my son's stepdaughter is due in August as well.
Game night last Friday we played Doomlings which my brother gave us for Christmas.  Everyone really enjoyed it and we will be playing it again.

Last year I made the center of this (above) and this year I sewed it into a pillowcase for my living room pillow.  Finished it today.  It was a Kathleen Tracy mini.

I am working hard on my Modern Mystery Quilt.  The above is another block added to the OOPS group since I used a fabric from each pile on accident.  

Here is one of the clues.
Here is another clue.
And here is this week's clue.  No idea where this mystery is going!  We are making blocks in lights and darks (or warms and cools or something like that where fabrics are really distinguishable, and some blocks are cut with another part of another block added to it.  Sure will be different!
I trimmed up and made there more smaller blocks of Dakota Farmer for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in blue.  Used up most of my HST's (made a total of eleven blocks) except for ones I would need to trim to 1.5 inches so they went back in a bag and I may send them out into the world!  Linking up with Angela!


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The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats on your new pillow cover, Andee! Lots of fun going on at your house. Sounds like you will be making a few baby quilts in the next little while!!

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