Saturday, January 2, 2016

New 35 th Ave. Block of the Month for 2016!

You may remember that Kathy and I were participating in a $10 quilt from 35th Ave. Sew and Vac. three years ago and then two years ago again.  Last year we were not impressed with the quilt choice and we took the year off. This year we are excited to see the above quilt is what we will make.  Funny the outer stars are the same every month just as they were in SoScrapp's BOM last year.  So I will be doing more of those!  I am kind of hoping to make an extra block each month from my own stash so that I will have at least one donation for QOV at the end.  We may wind up donating them all for all I know.  
 This is the first block sample--I have a whole month to get mine sewn!
 Yesterday Kathy went for her first hike post knee surgery (almost 8 weeks ago) and she did great.  We went slow and mostly flat though a little incline in the middle.  We took Lombardi with us and he was happy to get out again.  I then went home and put in 30 on the elliptical because it was not enough of a workout for me, but I enjoyed it anyway!
 So today after BOM, Kathy dropped me off to hike at my own pace and she ran to the grocery store.  I did a great hike (72 floors) and explored a new trail. We parked on the other side of the mountain and eventually my hiking led me back to the Ridgeline trail that I am familiar with.  I have decided I LOVE South Mountain and all the trails I get to check out!  I am also enjoying being migraine free the last few days--I had a shot of Toradol and 5 days of steroids to get me out of the cycle of migraines I had Christmas week.  I wish my head could feel like this all the time.  It is fantastic to not have a migraine constantly.  Hoping it keeps on when I am done with the steroids tomorrow.
 Home from hiking and I made homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner.  I make a HUGE pot and we freeze several different containers so we have it once a week or so for the next month!  In that way I can help with cooking dinner even though I am working til 7 PM most of the time.  We have fallen in love with edamame spaghetti noodles (we get them from Costco) and this makes a super tasty dinner.
And in the mail today is a diffuser and some lavender and peppermint oil to help with relaxation and migraines.  A gal at work swears by the diffuser and often brings hers into work.  Worth a try!   Now to get back to Allietare!  I picked up a few more goldish yellows to add variety to my center blocks and I am ready to get to it!  I also ordered and recieved this twister pattern. Looking forward to making several of those eventually!


scraphappy said...

Ah, new years and new projects. That sampler looks perfect for a QOV.

Deb A said...

What a great BOM for QOV. Lovely in red, white and blue. I saw something about piercing the inner part of your ear to relieve migraines. Seemed strange but might be something to look into? Hope the migranes stay away once the medicine is done.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Great blocks for a QOV!!! and so glad you are migraine free!!! Fingers crossed!

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