Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mug Rugs for the Z Crew and Staring Circa 2016!

Yesterday  I went hiking with the Chubby Chicks Meet Up group again.  After about 15 minutes our leader got sick and so she and her adult daughter headed back down along with another gal who was feeling dizzy.  That left only me, Michelle and and Donna to continue on the hike.  We were at South Mountain and we did Beverly Canyon on to Ridgeline and then Javelina Trail back.  I had done the first two trails (though not together) and had no idea about Javelina.  We managed to find our way along with only one small detour.  It was alot of fun and close to four miles and 83 hiking record on the floors for me.  Was killer sore after and we stopped at Ikea and wished we hadn't!  Kathy went hiking on her own so she could take it easy but she had her longest hike post surgery yet.
One of my jobs is in video interpreting.  I work with a fabulous group of people and it makes the job (which is the hardest I have ever had) so much more enjoyable.  I have a mug rug at work that I use in whichever station I wind up working in.  Jenn asked me if she could have one, so I made her this one.
That led to a few other folks wondering at how they get a mug rug.  I then decided I would make a few a month and eventually make one for everyone who wants one.  The cherries were for Lori.
 The heart was for Becca.
 This one was for Kelly.
And one of these is for Christine and one is for Nicole--our cat lovers. 
I have cut out three more cats (this is Lori Holt's Barn Cats Mini Quilt pattern from FatQuarterShop) for Christmas gifts next year.  They are all kitted up to take to camp or get to when I am in the mood.

Here is my first bit of Circa 2016 which has just started over at the Temecula Quilt Company blog.  I love her little sewalongs and am happy to be playing in my civil war fabrics again.


Julierose said...

Oh great jobs! both the hiking (off-dah--you MUST be a whole lot younger than I am--well--I KNOW you are lol) and those super cute mug rugs--love that cat especially...that will go on my list for my BF for her next B-day--altho' we've both stopped the year-count there hahaha hugs, Julierose

Feathers in my Nest said...

Clapping for you & your hike! I miss doing that..I used to walk 7 miles a day, every day...then I became disabled.
I Love your darling mug rugs! so cute.what a great friend you are to your buddies.