Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Floribunda Progress and Linking Up with Jo!

I already linked up my finish for Jo's Challenge but decided to challenge myself to start Floribunda and see how far I get with it before the mystery starts!  Last Friday Kathy and I cut and paired about 80 sets of yellow and floral fabrics.  Many of these fabrics came from a swap on Quiltville Swap that I blogged about in June of 2012!                                                                                                                                               
So this first picture is the sewing from Saturday's sew-in.
 This is the result of much sewing, pressing, cutting and more sewing.  All the blocks that aren't sewn are in this box partially sewn!
 This blurry picture has a few more blocks in it from Sunday.  Then on Monday night I got busy and sewed seven more blocks.  I posted a picture on FB and Megan commented that the red block had a turned patch.  This got me to inspecting the blocks a bit closer and lo and behold I turned a four patch on all BUT the red block (and one one I turned two of them!) so there is some unsewing in my future!  Funny thing is I look as I lay out each block--but I was having an off day yesterday all around (seriously my interpreting was even weird!) so it doesn't surprise me that much!
All told I have 24 blocks done correctly and six that need fixing.  So that is pretty good progress for a weekend!  It is SEW nice to get this one going after having it hang out so long in a tote!


Barb in Mi said...

Wow, you sure are on a Floribunda roll! 24 blocks (+ some in the wings) is fabulous!

Roslyn said...

Argh unsewing! The worst, just be sure you don't resew them the same way..........ask BJ how I did that!

Cathie said...

Crazy that you found so many flips! Great job, I love the colors.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I always want to say "Cowabunga!" LOL When you get started on a Bonnie quilt you really get a lot done on it!