Sunday, November 3, 2013

Saturday Parade and Sunday Sewing

 We have made a total of five of the Rock Candy Pattern.  Three are Halloween, two are Christmas themed.  Two are already quilted and bound.  Several more cut so we are far from done with this cute pattern!
 Saturday Coleman and his girlfriend Lexi joined us in heading to Cave Creek to meet the family for a parade.
 After that we picked up our latest crazy dog addition--Lombardi.  He is a Rottie that was found on the side of the road (by my sister's best friend) in really bad shape.  My brother works at a vet clinic and they fixed him up, gave him shots and fixed him too.  He didn't work out with the first people he was placed with.  He was an only dog and required to stay outside and they just felt bad or something and didn't want to keep him.  Kathy has wanted a Rottie FOREVER.  She even has candles with the breed on them.  I told her never, never, lol no more big dogs.  But this one just seemed destined to come home with us.  He fit right into the pack here though is overly curious about the cat.  She doesn't care about any of the dogs, but for some reason she is afraid of him.  We are hoping that gets better because she is basically hanging out under our bed since we got home yesterday.  He also has apparently never been an indoor dog--we taught him the dog door and he already goes out to do his business, but he tries to mark his territory in the house.  So far he has been busted about 4 times so we are hoping he will break this habit in a hurry.  We told Karyn we needed a trial week with him and if that habit isn't broken or if the cat is still under our bed in a week he may head back north.  Luckily, Karyn is willing to keep him and almost didn't want to give to us so either way he will have a good home.

Our order from Connecting Threads arrived.  I was almost out of thread!  Here are Kathy's fabrics (we haven't pulled scraps yet but we will) and possibly my fabrics for Celtic Solstice--Bonnie's next mystery.  If you have never joined in in a Bonnie mystery, just go for it.  She has two sizes this time around so it will be more doable!  Kathy and I are hosting a kickoff party at a quilt shop the day after the first clue comes out.  So far there are 12 of us coming and we are all posting pictures on our facebook invite page of our fabrics and having a nice discussion that is getting us all excited!

 I have spent considerable time working on Jo's challenge to complete a Bonnie quilt before the mystery starts too!  Here are more Moth in the Window blocks.

The final project is now a flimsy.  It is 6x6 with 36 total blocks.  I really enjoyed making these blocks once I got into the groove (as Bonnie says) but for all the hours I spent it still seems like a tiny top!  Kathy is now making one from her dad's shirts (a few scraps from his are in here along with scraps from my dad's shirts and fabric from Norway).  She may do wall hangings instead a top though.  


Jo said...

I love these blocks. It's the first time I have seen lots of them and now I am thinking I want to make some. This blog linking might be dangerous for me. I am going to end up with more UFO's rather than less!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

You are definitely a Bonnie-holic! So many awesome projects you are making of hers! Your colors are spot on for Bonnie's upcoming mystery!