Saturday, November 16, 2013

Packer Guest Room and Florabunda Progress

 Last Thursday our floor guy came and put hardwood in the guest bedroom (now that Randy has moved down the street there is a guest bedroom!).  Kathy had already painted it green and gold since we decided we needed a Packer room.  I hung a fabric shower curtain and we put up a new shade too.  I am now collecting Packer decor.  I gathered up my couple of Packer gnomes, my scarf and the cool high heel packer mini shoe I got this past summer.
 He also put wood on our landing!  So once again we emptied and moved and refilled the quilt cabinet on the stairs.  THAT is getting old!

 Friday after work we picked up Colton!  We had fun hanging with him at my mom's while she and dad are in Cabo.  We watched Monsters University and read him stories and worked on crawling too.  He looks like he is going to be a scooter because he prefers to sit and lean more than trying to crawl.  Not enough tummy time for these babies that sleep on their backs!
I had a migraine this afternoon and so I didn't go to the PHXMQG.  I tried to take a nap which really was more me laying there waiting for the pain to diminish.  UGH.  In the late afternoon I finally got to sewing.  Kathy quilted two of the Rock Candy tabletoppers we had done and I bound this one.
 I have sewn all but these in my Florabunda stack.  Below is today's progress!  I am tired of sewing these blocks already...but hoping I can just get it to the top stage in the next two weeks.

 Here are all the blocks I have made so far.  It was super nice that our guest room doesn't have much furniture in it yet so I could close all the animals out and lay this out!  (And it is still in there undisturbed--GLEE!).

I am linking up with Jo's Country Junction for the Bonnie Challenge.  Check out everyone's progress and post your own!
P.S. Happy Birthday to my Dad--I miss him everyday!


Mary said...

Floribunda is a good one to make with floral fabrics. Glad you could get all the blocks laid out with out Helpers.

Jo said...

I've thought about doing Floribunda but I don't have many florals.

Mary said...

That is so funny, when I did Floribunda I laid it out on the floor in the room we were clearing out after our DD moved. Mine wasn't even as big as yours. Loved it.