Sunday, July 31, 2011

Navy Quilt and Santa Swap 2

Carol is hosting a Santa Swap 2 and I was lucky enough to sign up before the deadline. Apparently there is a Santa Swap 1 that filled up and was hosted by someone else so that is why were are a 2. Check out Carol's blog if you don't already read it. She is fun!

Today she emailed me my swap partner and I have been stalking her blog tonight while watching "The Lincoln Lawyer" so I can get to know her better. Shannon in Idajo over at
is my partner! We will be sending each other little gifts from now til Christmas but we can't open them when we get them. I didn't realize that fine detail when I signed up. I am not so good with waiting, or secrets! Will be quite the challenge for me, they should have called it the Santa Swap 2 Challenge! LOL.

I did get some sewing in this morning but only took a picture of the progress with my phone. I started listening to this audiobook and the time flew by.

The small pic is okay because the quilt is puckery and needs a little bit of work. So no point in you seeing a close up, haha. I finally decided that my Viking Hus. Diamond needs a tune up. It has been almost two years since I got her (Oct. will be two years since I lost my Dad and part of my inheritance went into this machine then, I think of my Dad everyday) and she is used dang near everyday. I will haul up my Janome and see if I can improve the Navy quilt before I add borders. I really wanted a blue border once it got to this point...

but of course I have tons of red and tons of cream and only little scraps of blue left in my patriotic fabrics. So I think I will use some of the Navy fabric for a border and then use the leftovers for the backing and piece leftover fabrics into the back to make it the right size.

Today DJ was still not feeling well (she went to the doctor last Thursday and got meds but just slept tons all weekend and didn't feel she was improving) so off to the ER we went. We had the good sense to bring our little DVD player and stop at Redbox on the way. We watched "The Traveler" which wasn't all that great but it helped pass the time...and ofc I knitted too. I made a really fun colored dishcloth. It is done, but needs the ends weaved in then I will post a picture. I started another one too. I am using up all the tiny balls of yarn that I have collected in the past year. Anywho, DJ got more meds and finally is feeling better.
That took up the rest of my sewing the time I got home, grocery shopping done and put away, chicken cooking for soup tomorow and the laundry done I pretty much just wanted to shower (and yay it rained here finally!) and to check out my new partner on the net. So it was a good weekend but I didn't finish the Navy quilt and I only have the one RRCB block done but I will keep on keeping on.

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Shannon said...

Hello partner!! Now I get to stalk you!! LOL!