Thursday, July 21, 2011

Knitting Dishcloths and RRCB Step 6

I have been knitting dishcloths again like crazy. It took me about three to get them up to looking right...the first one went in my sink, and here is the rest of the stack. Getting one day every day or every other day mostly at work between calls or while the line is ringing. I know it sounds like I am not doing anything at work, but seriously there are lots of calls and rarely do I seem to get a call where I am on hold, but I have learned how to knit and answer the phone and inform the hearing caller that the line is is amazing how much knitting I can get done during the course of a 5 or 7 hour shift. It helps pass the time! Now there are two gals at work that want me to teach them how to knit. Cracks me up since this is about all I can do!

I am happy to report that step 6 (the first half) has 120 of these little babies all sewn up. They are ironed and pinned in 12's. I figured four to a block so three blocks worth together made more sense than ten when that is two and a half blocks.

I have the second half of clue six at the machine and ready to go. But I need to get bloodwork done tomorrow (if the fourth time is the charm) and I work at 10 AM. I will be home about 4 PM, but we are going to Suli's graduation party and then up to my mom and dad's to spend the night so I am not sure much sewing will get done until Saturday night or Sunday.

I couldn't resist laying out all the parts of the blocks so I could have some idea of what it will look like. Looking good. I can hardly wait to start putting these blocks together-I am seriously tempted to skip ahead to this part! I still have 15 more string blocks to do too. Everyone says I am making progress on this but it just isn't fast enough for me. Not sure why I am so driven to get things done, I should just enjoy the process and it will get done when it gets done. Oh, I am now listening to "The Safron Kitchen" from the used book store and I need to stop in at the library to pick up the audiobooks I ordered that are in.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I can't wait to see your blocks come together, too. And....I think you'll be QUITE amazed how SUDDENLY everything will go together...and v'iola! There's the top. Once Step 5 was over.....the rest just flowed. So, ENJOY and good luck!