Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sewing Today...

I finally managed to get thirty of the required sixty string blocks done for Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll! I decided while doing the last three that I am going to move on to step four. I am SO so SO tired of making string blocks! So I cut for step four and hope to get it done tomorrow. Then I can either make this quilt half of Bonnie's size, or I can continue to work on string blocks as I go. Maybe I need to set a weekly goal or something.

My other hobby is reading and I never get enough time to do it because I always want to be sewing when I have I sometimes listen to audiobooks. I picked up Swan Thieves by Elizabether Kostova and am listening to it on my Bose radio while I sew. It is a decent story and I am happy to be doing both my favorite things in the world.

I made two heating pad covers...really simple ones because the block one we had made was not up to the rough use of daily heating pad use. DJ has a bad back and we now own two large heating pads and one small one. The new one came with a cover so I used it as a pattern and now we have an extra cover waiting when we need replacement. This fabric was from Michelle :)

Here is DJ and Bug wearing my cousin Tara's baby carrier. I hope it fits her...her son came the same day as DJ's niece was born.

I also quilted a baby quilt which is most likely going to be for a co-worker. I made the binding and attached it but had trouble with the machine binding again! I finally set it aside to do on my other machine. I forgot to take a picture of it too!

Another co-worker, Christine, came over with her machine (an anchient Singer Fortuna or something like that) and I helped her learn some basics and sew a few repairs. DJ grilled us some lunch and it was fun even though I had a mild migraine (still hanging on, but no Triptan today so it is getting better).

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