Monday, July 18, 2011

Navy Star Block and the Start of the Cheddary Challenge

I started out my day by sewing my five string blocks. I now have 45 made and 15 to go! Five a day is doable if I give myelf some days off as a reward, lol. I also cut all 344 brown triangles for step six late in the evening.

I also cut and sewed the Navy Star block but changed the outiside of the block because well, just because lol. It took over an hour to make this block while listening to "The Lady and the Unicorn" for the second time. I made a trip to Bookman's (used book store) and picked up a new audiobook for when this one is done, I am on the last CD already. I also put in for several audiobooks for the library since that is better for my budget!

This block will be the twelve block for my Amy's Passions red, white and blue blocks which will become a Quilt of Valor (sort of) for my nephew Christopher who is in the Navy. I need to find the perfect sashing and I want to get some Navy fabric for the backing.
I also started out my leaders and enders project for Sisters, Sisters Challenge or the Cheddary Challenge as I am seem to call it. This little bow tie was from scraps Michelle gave me, I love it!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Well, golly gee Andee----you have blogged so much quilting lately! I won't be joining in the cheddar challenge any time soon; I have another quilt (for Cassie) in the process as L/E.
Hmm....with July still in the air, I should pull out my BOM too; thanks for the reminder that I have those blocks sitting.
15 strings left...Whhhooooo!