Friday, July 29, 2011

Step 7 on Roll, Roll Cotton Boll is Half Done!

I have managed to sew up the string blocks into their appropriate sizes and numbers. I will say I did not enjoy it much. I found sewing on the bias to be a pain in my rear end. I had to play with my machine to figure out how to adjust the tension so it would not be too loose or pull to tightly. I learned something new about my machine (how to do that on my fancy machine) so that was the good part. I found that after I ironed (seriously tried to just press but grrrr) these blocks are a bit wonky no matter what I do. I have yet to trim them, but I know that isn't going to fix my troubles. I am just going to deal. If anyone has suggestions for how to do this better (for next time, God help me if there is a next time) I would appreciate it!

See the wonkiness? GRRRRR! And to top it off I am listening to "Girl in the Garden" (Bonnie isn't the only one listening to books as she sews, grin) and I am not crazy for it. The narrator is a eleven year old girl but her "voice" isn't believable. I am constantly annoyed with word choices and eleven year old would never use and the story just hasn't really gone anywhere in general. I have "State of Wonder" also from the library and I can't wait to finish the former to get to it! I should just stop listening but I am stubborn and so go to the end.

Way too much wave in those square blocks for me.

I did make two little bow ties though they aren't in a block yet.

And here is they Navy backing fabric for Christopher's quilt...I need to get on that soon!

Still knitting away making a dishcloth every day or two days..building up my Christmas giving stash. I need to get started on my master list of who is getting what. Am I the only one that does this? I have a book I keep the lists in usually and they go back about twenty years. Helps me recally what I gave who so someone doesn't get the same gift two years in a row!


scraphappy said...

I haven't done that part yet, but now you've got me worried. To bad all that paper came out already, that would have kept things nice and flat. I'm wondering if spray starch would be helpful? Glad you've got that part done though, you are one step closer to being done.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Angela hit the nail on the head.....spray starch. I have become a 100% NO WATER IN IRON quilter; I've gone through too many irons that have died because of the excess iron in our well water. (that's a different topic all together).
Instead, I keep my iron HOT, but never fill with water. I keep a bottle of homemade spray handy (recipe from CrazyMomQuilts) and use it at just about EVERY pressing step in the process of making blocks/units. I recall my blocks also having been a smidge wonky, but nothing that caused problems in the piecing/quilting stages that followed.

But SEE how quickly the steps are going now?? Strings step and HSTs step were enough to make a person quit and turn it into a UFO, but you're pluggin along and the finish line is right around the corner :0) Hopefully the weekend holds some quilting time in store.

wackywoman said...

Use LOTS of spray starch and no steam. They still look nice and you can "quilt it out".

The Cozy Quilter said...

You are just a bit ahead of Christine and I on RRCB--I will be glad to finish off the string blocks too! Your blocks are looking good!