Thursday, July 14, 2011

RRCB Step 5--the Saga Continues....

What a suprise I have been working on yes, you guessed it, Roll, Roll Cotton Boll step 5! You can see that progress was made here between the first picture and the second. We did a little counting and figured out that I had 103 left to sew and about 100 left to iron earlier today.

It was then that I realized I was out of the red fabric that I was trying to use as a constant. After much searching I found three charm squares of the fabric and that was it!

I was bummed because it is no longer available from connecting threads. And I had just been on the website and placed an order for some thread and some clearance fabrics..of the same design but in these colors.

I was areally kicking myself when the package arrived today because the red was available the day I ordered this stuff...I opened the box at a light on the way to work. Then when I got home I went to put my new thread and these two fabrics away and like a Christmas suprise what did I behold?

Hollyberry Tiny Argyle fabric, two yards! WHOO HOO! I did order it and I forgot I ordered it and there it is. The only bad news is I already cut a substitute fabric AND pinned it to the lights and the Thangles! So I will do some cutting and unpinning tomorrow after I work (6:30 am to 10:30 AM, what WAS I thinking, especially since I worked til close tonight!

Earlier today I also did more cutting for Smith Mountain Morning. I got my labels prepared and should be able to get all of that done this weekend. I am also setting a goal to finish step 5 and to make 15 more string blocks from step 3. That is just five blocks each weekend day plus the rest of this so that seems doable. My weekend starts at 10:30 tomorrow and my big plan? SEW!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...'s about 12:30 pm (you time) and I'm wondering if you've started your weekend, OR if you have simply rested with your feet up in order to stock up for the weekend. ;0)
Betting you will finish all those goals and then some by the end of the weekend.