Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hold on to Your Hat, I Sewed Again!

 Last weekend I whipped up two pillowcases for Coleman.  He took his with him and when he returned a week ago (he left his wife--long story but for the best) he brought almost nothing back with him.  I had some twin sheets and we got him a new twin bed, but the pillowcases mysteriously disappeared so made him some fun ones. 

 I had kitted up a few cats a long time ago for Christmas gifts for my daughter and my son Mac's fiance.  Pattern is from Lori Holt.  So I finally worked on them last weekend and then finished them up today.

 Kathy finally finished up Grand Illusion which was Coleman's wedding never was sent to Wisconsin since it was not done.  Kathy put the last of the binding on it right after Coleman got back here so now he has a new divorce quilt.
 Last weekend I spent a few hours tracing out and attaching the scalloped binding for Allietare.  I had to do quite a bit of easing since I neglected to do the binding out of the bias.  Oops.  It may be the last scalloped binding I attempt!  Today I tried to machine bind the top half but had to rip out the two short sections I tried.  I then decided to hand bind it though on the front.  I did one long side today and have made a goal of doing one side per week so this will be done long before the next mystery starts!
Bonnie announced the next leader/ender challenge--Hourglasses.  I was not sure that I really wanted to jump onboard with a new project because I have plenty of wips to work on, however I saw these cute placemats and thought I should at least make a set of four or six.  So I will be prepping for the leaders and enders soon!
Packers won today (and so did the Patriots) so we are happy here. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Whole Lot of Sewing and Quilting

 Gotta love a holiday weekend for getting in some sewing time!  I made up a spare Simple Gifts quilt top.  And quilted and bound the previous two.  These are for my co-worker Kelly's soon to be born twin grand-daughters.  Ellie and Luna.
 Here is a pic of those two and the one for Kathy's nephew Wyatt.  Will be mailing that off to Massachusetts soon.
The one below is for my co-worker Amy's little boy, Zack. I will see her this coming Saturday so done in the nick of time.

 I finally made and attached a binding on the butterfly tablerunner from several years ago.  I took an applique class...hated it and it just sat forever. Barb quilted it for me It will be gifted to someone, just not sure who yet.  Funny I do not even think it is cute anymore.  HAHA!
 I have NEVER fallen behind on a BOM until this year.  Life has just been so crazy and we have been out of town alot.  That with trying to exercise everyday (not at the moment as my knee is jacked) there just is not time.  So here are all the months...and would you believe yesterday was pick up day and we forgot.  Oy.  So September's isn't done because I don't have it.

 All of the blocks so far.  This will be a Quilt of Valor. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Meeting the Twins, Sedona and Five Baby Quilt Flimsies!

 We finally met the twins!  They are already four months old.  We got to see Ollie too! These guys are my honorary nephews and niece.  Their older half brother is my nephew Ben (he was with his dad for the weekend) but we love his ex and her husband and all the kids.  You may remember I made the twins with foxes and one with racoons.  We went to lunch at the Cowboy Club in Sedona where their daddy is the executive chef.  We had a great lunch and did a little shopping while juggling babies.
Everyone took several turns! 

Today I was on a mission!  I am behind by five baby quilts.  I have not sewn all fact this is the longest sewing break I have had since I became addicted to quilting.  It was so nice to be in there all day long and get this quilt tops knocked out! 

The first two are "Simple Gifts" by Weeks Ringle.  Seriously a go to quicky pattern for me.  I love it.  A coworker of mine's daughter is having twins.  They were not even planning on one and need all the help they can get.  I have never met her daughter, but Kelly (my coworker) is salt of the earth.  A fabulous lady who I love working with who is generous to a fault.  Not long after my issues with my gallbladder she made us a lasagna dinner that was so good.  She is just sweet, so I am paying it forward to her grandbabies.  They are both girls but this was the fabric I had onhand that I liked so there ya go.

This one is for Kathy's nephew Wyatt.  He is already three months old!  I pieced it and Kathy quilted it and got it almost all the way bound today.  Thanks to my quilting friend Tiffany for the fabric (and already cut squares) donation she gave me when she made room for her new baby!  With my time crunch it came in handy!
Another coworker of mine, Amy had a baby boy a few months ago too.  I will be seeing her in two weeks and so hopefully will have this one done to give to her.  I am sure she already has a quilt or two but one can always use one more, right!
The last baby quilt I needed to make is for Randy's most recent grandbaby-Lily.  I did not realize I didn't send one and then when he went to visit months ago I planned to send one with him....and forgot.  On top of that I don't have any in the cabinet (usually I have a few waiting!) so I needed to get one together for her.  Her five siblings already have one--and the oldest (now 13) is the quilt that started my addiction to quilting!  Anyways I wanted to do a larger one for her since she isn't a baby anymore and I suddenly realized the Nimble Thimbles mystery I had been working on until I didn't get the last clue (and then when I did, I had no time to sew was just waiting to be assembled.  I had to make the setting triangles and put it all together but viola, it is a top.  It needs serious ironing but it is together! 
So five baby quilts are flimsies and with any luck will be quilts in the next two weeks!

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Leader/Ender Challenge!

Bonnie Hunter has announced this year's Leader/Ender Challenge. We will be making hourglasses!
I have not had any time or inclination to sew all summer long since we have been out of town way too much!  I miss it, but just too much going on to put it up on the priority list.  I have really gotten into reading this year (plenty of time to do that on the beach!).  I started listening to podcasts about books which has me adding more books than I can possibly read though I am trying.  We also ditched our cable so I am reading and listening to books more which is fine with me!
However, this morning Quiltville's Bonnie announced the next leader/ender and I always enjoy participating in this though not all the tops turn into quilts (several still hanging in my closet awaiting quilting).  I also miss Angela at SoScrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I think I will start the hourglass challenge while doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (she picks a color each month for us to sew whatever we want in that color and we can share it on linkys every weekend).  Really fun way to make time for both challenges.  I love that I can do one little block or 100 and still participate!

I have been doing other crafting though.  We went a little shell collecting crazy in Rocky Point and decided to make some art with the shells.
 Kathy and I make Coleman and his wife Chelsea the above heart and Mac and Liz the one below.  We decided we needed to shellac them before mailing.  I did that but forgot to take another picture so hope to do that before we mail them out.
When Hannah arrived a few days later she wanted a heart too.  She put in lots more shells, most of which she found herself!  She shipped hers UPS and it was so heavy it cost 92 dollars to ship.  OY!
Kathy and I decided on a mermaid.  I added two perfectly imperfect shells to the bottom of our board.  There are some in each of the creations I made.
Mom opted to make a starfish on a board she bought. She didn't realize we were making her a board.
Three generations with our shell creations!  Sea of Cortez in the background.  Rocky Point is so beautiful!

Hannah had to leave that Saturday to catch her plane.  Kathy drove her to the airport and I stayed with mom and dad at the beach.  Mom made her sea turtle that day.  It is huge!
Hannah and I in our matching dresses of different colors with our shell art.  Best summer ever.  It was so nice to see my daughter in May and July!  We are now planning a quick trip home (well to Milwaukee and Wisconsin Dells) in November to see the other kids and their partners.  I miss them too!

We added a tiny colored sea turtle to each of our creations and I tucked two away somewhere to add to the ones that were at home I made for the boys. Naturally no idea what I did with those turtles.  My memory!  I think they were added after most of the pictures were taken too.  
So excited to turn our bedroom into a mermaid decorated area...previously just the bathroom was mermaids.  Now adding to the collection meant I had to expand into the bedroom, I bought a few picture frames and put some shells on them and ordered some of our pictures so that we will always remember the beach!  
Next up I need to find a mermaid quilt or mermaid fabric.  I want to do a new wallhanging for over our bed and a bed quilt too!

Friday, June 24, 2016

I am Alive :)

I have not blogged in forever.  I have only sewn once and though I took pictures I forgot to blog. It has been a busy spring/summer!  I met my daughter in Dallas (she was there for work) and we spent about four days walking from one end to another!  It was super fun and made possible by my weight loss. I am now down 111.2 pounds (in 28 months) and am still doing what I need to do.  Very happy about that.
We have spent tons of time in Rocky Point this summer with my mom and stepdad who got a place on Playa Miramar for four months.  We will go back for 4th of July and Hannah is flying in for that too!
Coleman and Chelsea will soon celebrate their one year anniversary!  They are doing well in Wisconsin and their cat just had kittens.  Oy!
Mac and his fiance Liz are also in Wisconsin and doing well.
Eventually I will blog again I think, just have been running out of town alot and working a ton when I am in town so I can afford to take off for days and days!

Monday, April 4, 2016

A Quilt Camp Weekend of Nothing but Talkin' Turkey!

 I had all my blocks done when I arrived this camp but soon discovered the purple goosey had lost its way so I had to fix it.   Of course, it was already in the quilt by that time!  Not sure how I missed it when I made it!
 I made all the flying geese Quilt in a Day style and am glad I prepped as much as I did on that since it still took forever,  I already had the rainbow border made but had to tear the papers and sew into strips.  There as also an inner border I had to cut colored squares for and add to the neutrals I had already prepped.
 We arrived around 5 PM on Thursday and it took me all of that night, Friday (minus a few hour run to town for Barb and a two mile hike), Saturday (minus another two mile hike) and an hour Sunday morning to get this done in time to hang out!  It truly was all I worked on.  I am so glad my pup challenge for Nimble Thimbles is a flimsy!  This was also my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt from 2014 so I need to find a linky on Angela's Blog and hook it up!  Pattern is in Bonnie Hunters.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stitching and Prepping for Camp!

 I finally decided on the Simple Gifts pattern for Suli's twins.  I made the one for the little guy first.  Suli says each of her kids has a forest animal that represents them and he will be raccoon.  She will be fox so I had to order fox fabric so hers isn't done yet.
 I also did a ton of prepping for quilt camp.  Here I cut the strips for one of the Talkin' Turkey borders.

 I cut for other borders as well.
 And today after my migraine finally went back several notches (I came home from working early and napped for several hours) I got the flying geese part of the border cut and pinned and marked.
Rachel sent me a snapchat of Leon (in Norway) with his tool belt on that I made him.  He likes it and He spends hours fixing stuff at home now!  Made my day!