Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hexes and UFO's!

Okay it is hexies and UFO's not hexes, but it was a fun title!  We have been super busy and running like crazy lately.  Last weekend we went with the family to Mund's Park and stayed in a cabin.  The kids played in the snow and we played lots of board games and went to a wine tasting.  It was fun.  I managed to finally sew all but two of my hexi flowers onto the taupe fabric they needed to go on.  The UFO number for #APQResolution was #8.  It should have been this hexie project below, but I misread it and skipped right to the hexie flower one.  Then today I had to time to prep up stuff for this one even though I had decided to continue to just do the other one.  This is Bonnie's Little Bit Hexie.
 My borders do not quite fit, so I tucked it away until its number is drawn or I feel like fixing it and went back to working on the wrong (but now right) hexie project.
 You may remember this is the project from the Quiltville Caribbean Cruise in Oct. 2015.  I made one hexie each day of the trip in modern fabrics.
 I love how it came out with the arrows!  This is just a fun wall hanging for me so I will add it to the stack of to be quilted flimsies.
Barb sent me a link to a cool blog with projects at a glance pages and full pages for each project.  I am a list maker so I printed some out and put them in a three ring binder.  I was SHOCKED to discover that I could fill up an entire page with works in progress/UFO's!  There are twenty lines on each page.  I have not even started the page for those that need quilting.  That is next.  Really fun to cross things off (just crossed off most of the first one with Hexie Flowers) and also to remember what all I have going. 
I started another page of "quilts I want to start" and have twelve on there already.  Sheesh, I know lots of quilters have lots more of these than I do, but I do not like having so many in progress.  Many of them are super close to flimsy stage so I am happy to be doing the UFO challenge and to knock them off the list. 
My Pilates instructor broke her knee a few weeks ago--so no Pilates.  She should be back at it soon.  Meanwhile I have gone back to hiking and I love it again!  I am actually training to do about 12 miles at the Grand Canyon in March.  My cousins are coming in from Wisconsin and Minnesota to hike.  I am up to four miles and need to keep on upping it!  My knee is holding up and I have a break in my day that while the weather holds out two days a week I can hike midday.  The good news with all this is my weight loss started moving again!  I was down 115.6 pounds this morning!  It also happens to be three years I have been going to Weight Watchers.  Year one I lost 81.4 pounds, year two 24.4 pounds and year three 9.8 pounds.  Slow and steady but what a difference! 

Monday, February 6, 2017

February Goals Progress

 Last Friday after an early morning shift I sewed at Barb's.  We had planned to go to the Rusty Barn Quilt show the Friday before but I wound up in the hospital with another gallstone and got pancreatitis.  UGH!  Seems like the stone passed (or fell back down so pain went away) and this week I got to hiking FOUR times!  I did not realize it had been nine months since I had hiked.  I really missed it.  I am super sore though.  And I am happy to have gotten back to it now because my Pilates instructor shattered her knee (skiing--a snowboarder plowed into her).  I am at 111.6 down.  Super slow but not going up so I am happy about that!
 So I joined the All People Quilt UFO Challenge and they pulled #8 for February which is my "Little Bit Hexie" so I depapered them all and spray basted and pinned them to the squares.  I think I am going to try to hand attach them.  These are the little flowers I made each day on the Quiltville Cruise in October 2015.
 I also made both of my "Straits of Mackinac" blocks in the Rainbow BOM color of aquamarine.  It is not too late to join in if you want to go visit Angela's blog.  So fun to have a simple goal and a place to link up!  This group has grown and grown over the years and I have made friends of many of the participants.  I love to see what block or project everyone chooses to work on all year!
I also made block two of the Pat Sloan's BOM for 2017.  Barb and I are both doing this one.  Nice to use up scraps and be surprised by how it comes out.

In other news, Kathy was super happy the Patriots won last night.  It was quite a nailbiter for awhile and then there they were!  I do not have as much time to sew as I would like...I am teaching three classes this semester (and interpreting too) and the prep keeps me busy.  One of the classes is a new much work setting everything up,  Should be easier here on out though because I will finally have the basics together and can just improve as I go! 
I entered two quilts in the AQG Quilt Show in March.  I wanted Talkin' Turkey which I made for the Rainbow BOM to be shown.  I am not that kind of quilter and wish I could enter without getting any feedback. I have heard they are super picky and none of that matters to me.  That has held me back from entering anything but I could not resist this time.  The other one I entered it the mystery I made with my guild.  It is nothing to write home about at all, and my colors were the peaches--it is a bit much, however those in the guild who did it are entering them as a group thing to represent our guild so I went along with it.  I need to make and attach the binding to it soon.  Kathy is also entering for the first time!  Her Allietare is going to be in the show.  She got half the binding on yesterday.  We also need to make quilt sleeves for them all too. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016 Block of the Month for January

 I bought this cute little hedgehog (that I keep calling a porcupine) from Bonnie at her workshop.  It holds my Bernina bobbins, scissors and pins too and sticks to my machine.  Bonnie says she has one she uses in the car for hand sewing--sticks it right to her window.  I LOVE THAT idea and hope to remember to take it roadtripping with me down the line.
 I sewed at Becky's with her and Suzy today.  We even watched QuiltCam!  Becky made a fabulous sweet and sour meatball dinner which I loved.  She shared her recipe and I am going to print it and add it to my cookbook.  I sewed up the new 35th Ave. BOM and then made two of the Bonnie's Straits of Mackinac in purple since that is what SoScrappy picked for the color of the month.  I skipped her challenge last year (so busy hiking I think) but I missed it and missed blogland so I going to do my darndest to participate again this year.  I love that we can pick an block or project we want and link up to show off our progress and be motivated by our fellow quilters who also linked up.
 My daughter asked me to make a few eye spy baby quilts for a few friends of hers who are having babies.  I don't usually do that sort of thing because I have too much I want to sew to add what others want, but my daughter does not ask me for much and we agreed she would buy me some online fabric as "payment" and so we are both happy and hopefully the babies will be too.  I got this one together today as the Packers were winning--tied--winning today!  I have another one with the blocks all cut and ready to go. I plan to tie them both and get them out the door soon.
I am scheduled to teach three ASL classes again this semester so that has been keeping me busy (prepping--one class has a new curriculum) but I really enjoy it and am looking forward to it!  I am doing well on the eat right and exercising front too.  Down 111.4 and going up and down a pound or two mostly but steadily (SLOWLY) going down so I will take it.  I need to get back out and hike.  I just have not done it since my knee healed--I swear I never slow down.  I really enjoyed sewing, watching the game, blogging and updating Pinterest today.  Just enjoying a day!

Taking Stock of Wip's! (ok PUPS)

I finally took stock of my current WIP's and updated my WIP page and my Pinterest WIP board.  I am on a mission to get some of these done so I have no guilt as I start new things. 

I have a few that just need the blocks put together:
1. Betty and Amy's Choice RSC
2. RSC Sampler from 2015
3. Bitty Block Samplers form 2015
4. Fall Leaf Tablerunner
5. Pineapple Blossoms

Some need sashing and cornerstones:
6. 35th Ave. Patriotic BOM

Some need a block made to complete them:
7. Playing with Jacks
8. Tula Pink's Stacks

Some need several blocks:
9. Playing with Jacks
10. Buttermilk 30's

Some need more rounds:
11. Modern Medallion
12. Circa 2016 Temecula Quilt Co.

Some are waiting to grow or to decide that they are done:
13. Wild and Goosey
14. Lil's Crumbler Red and White Quilt

Some are barely started:
15. Barb Janson's Landscape Quilt

Some are handwork and just take time:
16. Hexie flowers mini (started on Quiltville Cruise 2015)
17. A Little Bit Hexie Mini Quilt
18. Denyse Schmidt's Hexies
19. Colonial Bluework blocks

Some I don't want to deal with:
20. Split Nine Patch
21. Tula Pink's City Sampler (needs lots of blocks)

Some are just in progress:
22. En Provence
23. Eye Spy
24. 35th Ave. BOM 2017 (started today!)
25. Straits of Mackinac Rainbow Scrap Challenge BOM 2017 (started today!)

Some I want to get started:
A. Hourglass Leader/Ender Placemats
B. Packer Star Chain
C. Quilty Barn Along

I won't even list the to be quilted stack!

I never think I have very many WIPs since I am a finisher but when I looked through my shelves and my Pinterest and wip page post I realized I have far more than I think.  Goal this year is to get as many of these done as I can while still enjoying a few new ones!  I am hoping to get the 20 true left behind WIPs down to half that or less.  One a month is doable right!  I better go get started.
How many WIPs do you have?
*edit* My friend Laura suggested joining the All People Quilt UFO challenge. I promptly did so! 

This month they already drew #6 so I strategically put in the Eye Spy quilts there as I got the one done today and have one more to go.  SEW excited to have a plan!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Antiquing with the Quilt Whisperer!

 Bonnie wanted to hit the antique mall and see what fun we could get up to there in between our workshop and lecture.  Terri and I (and later Kathy too) were happy to oblige!  I have been to this antique mall several times and usually only find about three or four quilts worth looking at so I was crossing my fingers that Bonnie would not be disappointed in the Merchant Square Antique store. 
 These are just some of the quilts we found--she is apparently the quilt whisperer!  They were everywhere! 

 This cute little quilt had "wounded knee" stitched in it and went home with Terri.  We think it may have been tribal made as it did not have a regular binding.
 Bonnie was a hoot of fun and tried out this none too comfortable baseball bat bench!

 It is blurry but here we are laying out quilts in the aisles and taking pictures and then folding them up again.  Sometimes Bonnie redisplays them better than we found them.  Super fun!

We found Bonnie her swimsuit for this summer  Hot stuff!  And her Partridge Family dress too!
 Terry is planning for her quinceanera!
It was a whirlwind trip and fun!  Kathy joined us at the end (after unloading our machines at home and feeding the dogs) and then we all went out for sushi.  Bonnie blogged about it here in case you didn't see it.  

Kathy and I sewed last night so we could get Midnight Flight done and get back to En Provence.  We made a baby size quilt.  This pattern is advanced for the triangle challenged.  I have diagnosed myself with triangle dyslexia.  I cannot tell you how carefully I laid things out...checked...double checked and even triple checked--and STILL I unsewed.  In the end my blocks are mirror image of what they are supposed to be and at least two small blocks have hst's that are turned around..maybe three.  I am apparently letting go of my inner type A because as far as I am concerned it is done!  I will NOT be making this one again anytime soon.  I love it but I find too much frustration in all the checking of chevrons, four patches and hst's for direction.
 I will add a larger border at some point when I need a baby quilt.  Until then, I consider this one done!

Next up the lecture fun!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Midnight Flight Workshop with Nimble Thimbles!

 Our guild waited two long years to get Bonnie Hunter back for another workshop!  It was worth the wait for Midnight Flight!  I learned new things again and had a really enjoyable day with my quilting buddies and Bonnie.
 She gives lots of demos of everything from how to cut your fabric so it measures right, how to get your quarter inch seam right and how to use the rulers required for the pattern used in the workshop.  I love her bonus ruler that comes with the essential triangle tool (which replaces the easy angle and companion angle ruler she used to use but had no affiliation with) because with it you get a perfect bonus triangle that is a useable size instead of one you have to cut down..simply but drawing the seam line correctly!  Saves loads of time and less waste!
Borrowed this picture from Bonnie since I am in it.  This is our table..all old friends with one new gal who was new to sewing joining in. 
 We always have show and tell after lunch and it is so fun to see other quilts!  Kathy showed off her Allietare! 
 Becky showed off Garden Party.  She made this for her son and I love that it came out boyish!  She used boy scout fabric someone gave her and tucked in a few mom blocks too!  I hope the strip I have her wound up in there somewhere! 
 I showed off my Garden Party too.  Can you spot the ladybug?  Becky and I started these quilts in October 2015 on the Quiltville Caribbean Cruise so later we got a picture with both quilts and Bonnie. 
 I also showed off my Allietare!  I love that this quilt was inspired by copper mugs (of Moscow Mule) on the beach--Rocky Point, Mexico to be precise!
 I had about an arm's length of binding to go but I shared my Talkin' Turkey too.  So happy that one is almost done.  Life has been so busy--I put the binding on this on Tuesday morning about 6 AM and spend every spare second at work (when on hold with a customer--I interpret phone calls) working on the binding Tuesday and Wednesday in an attempt to get it done!

 Terry shared the start of this year's mystery--En Provence!  Loving it.  I had hoped to have this much together to share too, but I am still on the last part of the last clue before block assembly.  I plan to get at least this much done this weekend so I can link up!
 Kathy and I had a great day with Bonnie and we are excited to be making a Midnight Flight baby quilt together.
The top left block and lower right blocks are ours (after some unsewing let me tell you!) and bottom left is Barb's in Christmas fabrics.  Laura's (so fun to sit with her and her mom at the  workshop)is on the bottom middle and top right is Becky's.  She had to pick up the chitlins from school so she did not have time to fix her flipped blocks until she got home...
 Others finished their blocks too but we were so short on time we did not get a picture of all the blocks.  Bonnie has more pictures of them on her blog this morning though! 
After cleaning up the church Terri and I went with Bonnie to the antique mall!  More on that in another post!
 It was a fabulous day with friends and Bonnie and new memories made!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Catching up on En Provence!

 My cousin Tara and my Godson Koi (the shark lover) got me these cool metal quilt blocks for Christmas.  She has two more waiting for me in Wisconsin!  I love them!
 We took an unplanned trip to New Mexico to rescue Coleman and his girlfriend (Randy's daughter) Heather and her six kids when their van blew a tire (and another one after we got there) and he went into Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  Was not a fun trip, I missed work and footed the entire unexpected bill.  Sigh.  The things we do for our kids.  I am now dubbed Instagrammy and these kids are a delight.  Things have been crazy around here!  Randy lives down the street so they are staying there at the moment but we see them plenty.
 I added a ladybug onto Garden Party where there was a little hole (seam must not have been a quarter inch!).  Bonnie will be here Thursday so I can show it to her!  I have another tiny spot to cover and a bee to add, but Stash Kitty decided to bat the bee around someplace where I cannot find it!
 Do you see hospital gown fabric?  Figured I might as well commemorate the three days we spent in Santa Rosa at the hospital with Coleman.
 I was behind on the clue since I was out of town...caught up on five.
 Cut six.
 And last night finished sewing six, though I did not take off the triangles/dog ears that hang off.  I also cut my yellow squares since the final reveal is out!  I still have the last set of hour glasses to make in the other colorway but here is sort of what the block looks like.  I even missed the linky since I had no progress to report and was out of town.  First one ever I think!
Hoping to get more time to work on it this week, but Thursday Bonnie will be here and I am in the Midnight Flight class.  I am all prepped for that since I did it ahead of time.  I have six boxes of books and rulers in my trunk for Bonnie too!

I have been working like a mad woman since we were out of town and video relay interpreting is so brain/mind numbing after a certain point.  I come home and crash.  We did trade in my Veloster since it made me carsick, was awful on the bumps and too small.  We got this 2017 Toyota Camry.  I am in love with it.  So much more room and a great ride.  Off to take a hot bath since I have another ten hour workday tomorrow.  Oy!