Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

 My accountant daughter Hannah flew to Louisiana tonight for her job and was on the plane with Si and Jep from Duck Dynasty.  She got to get a picture with Si after they landed--how fun for her!
 I finished up the Eye Spy quilt and got some slightly wavy borders on.  I will hand tie this one and have it ready for a little one down the line.  After getting that done I went to work for a short three hour shift and then came back home and went right back to it!  Kathy was working so I finished up listening to China Dolls and organized the orange scrap bin and cut tons of 3.5 inch strips and then lozenges.  I am pretty sure I will have too many lozenges when these are all sewn...three more months to go!
 I have been posting my Wild and Goosey block that I complete each weekend on the Quiltville Open Studio has gotten tons of attention and several folks have now started this or added it to their list.  That has motivated me further so I did an "extra" block today!  Loving seeing this one grow since I really want to have it quilted and bound to show Bonnie in person (she saw it last year, tiny!) in January.  Also one of the editors of Quiltmaker saw my pictures and asked if I could send her some to be published in the magazine.  How cool is that?  I hope it materializes, this quilt is tons of work but it is SEW gonna be worth it!

My daughter saw some of the pictures and asked who this one was for and I told her I was keeping it though it might be inherited by the oldest grandchild.  Her response was I will tell my brothers the race is on..haha!  While I cannot wait for grandkids, she is the only one even remotely ready to have any and right now she is focused on her career and enjoying life--such a smart girl!  So glad my advice about not having kids young got through to the kids...all mine were born by the time I was 23 and I guess the best thing about that is that I now have time for me and am still young enough to enjoy it!  :)  
Back to a full day of work tomorrow but hoping to sew again Wednesday or Thursday!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wild and Goosey Check In and More

I managed to sneak in my Wild and Goosey block this weekend.  Here it is!  It has a few Eye Spy fabrics in it since I was cutting and organizing those today too.  I didn't realize that Quiltmaker had the pattern available for free online til somone posted it in the Quiltville Open Studio Facebook group that I moderate for Bonnie.  If you haven't started this one, do a few and make a tablerunner if you can stop at just a few!  Wild and Goosey Free Paper Pieced Pattern!

 I spent Friday night and Saturday with one of my favorite nephews--Colton!  He has gotten so big and is signing (milk, more, please, thank you,.   all done and now he signs Angela too).  He is quite a communicator for one who isn't really talking yet.  Seriously a smart little guy and the time went fast!  Mom, Dad, Colton and I went up to Prescott to a craft sale.  It was a gorgeous day (cooler up there than down here) and it was great fun.  I forgot my fitbit at home and thought I had lost it there which led to much retracing of steps (all not being counted--grrr!) but I had happily forgotten it on my pj's!
 Kathy made her second Jelly Bean Blast block...she wants to make Bonnie's Wanderlust Pattern.  It is going to be so pretty!
 I did get the yellow border on both Packer quilts, and one outer border on too.  I didn't think I had enough Packer fabric do finish the second one (so I was going to go green scrappy) but in cleaning out the eye spy stuff I found more so I think I can finish the second one after all!
Here is the Eye Spy with one more long row added...most likely will add more before I put the border on this one, have some cut and ready to go!  I work about three hours tomorrow so other than that and the drive there and back I plan to be sewing!

August NewFo Linky Party!

It is time again for the NewFo Linky Party!  I am so excited that I started two quilts this month and even more excited that I plan to get the borders and backing taken care of for these two today!  The pattern is from Amy's "March" Quilt inspired by a photo in a calendar.  I decided to make a small one for each of my little nephews--Ben and Colton.  Here they are though I call them March on Green Bay Packers.  These were fun and fast to make and I am really pleased with the way the yellow squares carry your eye all over.  I was also happy to use some of my donated Packer fabric from Tamara in them.  Happy dance all around!  Go check out the linky party on the Cat Patches blog!

If you too are a Packer fan or love Packer Quilts, please visit the Green Bay Packer Quilts facebook page and like it.  Feel free to add any of your Packer colored or themed quilts to the page too!  GO PACK GO!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hawaii Sunset is a Flimsy--Cue the Singing Angels!

 I spent some hours today making the other three borders for Hawaii Sunset and then tonight I managed to get them all attached!  The pictures are not great but I could not wait to get some and call this one done!

 So happy that Jo got me started and Amy, Andra and Angela were willing to join me in making one!  It was great fun--now that it is done!  I am astonished that I was able to do this one with magazine directions, I think I might finally be an intermediate quilter, lol!

 Kathy is coming along on her Jelly Bean block for Wanderlust.  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from Quiltmaker--my favorite quilting magazine.  She did not screw up the part I thought she did...she just has the center star to go.  Really super cute block!
Tonight we went to the Nimble Thimbles (and two other guilds too) Barn Quilts presentation.  The door prize was this cool metalwork quilt block!  Suzi Parron (who wrote the first book on Barn Quilts) was the speaker and she was great.  She is working on her second book on the topic now.  She showed us quite a slide show and I loved the "I'm Lovin it" quilt block on the side of a McDonalds which was really unique.  I could not find a picture of it online so I guess we have to wait for the next book to see it again!
Here is Suzi, she signed my book for me! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hawaii Sunset Bucket List Quilt Sees Progress!

If you have a great memory, you may recall I started working on the Hawaii Sunset quilt two years ago when I saw Jo of Jo's Country Junction making one.  That led to a little challenge in which Andra, Amy and I exchanged some little geese and then Angela got in on the action too!  Andra finished her quilt a long while ago, Amy finished hers this past week and Angela was about done the other day too!  So since I don't want to be too far in the dust I decided to take advantage of the fact that I only worked one job today and so was home early for me.  I started with the middle row--I was dreading the sashings and the on point setting.  I wound up just cutting the sashing diagonals as I went, made it easier for me!

 Pictures of something this size suck at night...I have to drag it outside in the sun to do it justice but here it is sans borders (which are not yet pieced though the four patches are made!).  I am SEW happy that my bloggy friends kept on with this quilt and that pushed me--this seriously could have been that one UFO that just hangs out forever.  Funny it took a few hours to get the top together tonight but I did not have to rip even once and it really wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be the three times I dug it out and put it back!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Satisfying Sunday!

 Kathy and I drove across town today to get cheap fruits and veges.  We spent 64 bucks and got a ton of stuff.  We then spent an hour or two with me cleaning the fridge and some fruit (and bagging it up for work each day this week) and Kathy cleaning and chopping veges for the freezer and fruit for the fridge.  Almost all healthy choices in that fridge!  Chicken fajitas on tap for dinner tomorrow--you can see all those chopped peppers in there.
 Tamara sent me some leftover blocks and we reworked them into this cute top (two more blocks left over).  I think we will add a border to the narrow sides at least.
 I spent a lot of time today finishing up my March on Green Bay Packers # 2 quilt top too.  It also needs borders along with its twin.

 One of these is for Ben and one for Colton this Christmas.  I think they will really love them.
 Kathy decided to go nuts and start on another Bonnie project!  I am so excited she is doing this one because I love it but I do not want to make this one--looks complicated.  Can you guess it is Wanderlust from Quiltmaker.  I already see she did the blue geese the same blue but when she does the hst four patch in the corner she will need to change the goose to match on that side.  See why I am not doing it, lol it is a gorgeous quilt though!
My friend Kelli gave me some Packer squares a few months ago and since I was on a Packers kick I decided to sew them into rows.  I have another stack of squares so thinking this will be twice as wide when done.
All in all, a very productive sewing Sunday!  I feel like I got everything done I wanted to and I am ready to take a break from sewing and get to work tomorrow!  I hope your weekend included some sewing or whatever it is you love!

Christmas Gift Push!

 I decided to make several of the gals in my family a sleep mask for Christmas.  Just something fun and I actually use mine when the Arizona sun streams in our windows.  The cat loves to sit in the window so the blinds are half up and she moves the curtains getting in and out of the window so most every morning I am in the sun!
 I also worked on this March on Bay Packers (Quilt two) today.  All the parts are ready to go into blocks (one leftover block from the last quilt) and I know this one will come together fast--maybe yet tonight?

 I managed to get in my Wild and Goosey weekend block.  Apparently I was in a pink mood, lol.  Now I have another row started!
 I got my toes done in purple today since tomorrow I go back to my college interpreting job (YAY!)!  Really looking forward to that and I like the schedule I have so far.  I will go to my phone interpreting job about three nights a week but this week I only work that job on Friday so it is going to feel like I have all kinds of time on my hands!