Friday, May 17, 2024

May is Pink!

I finished my blocks for Princess Crown #2 and was so excited I started sewing them together.  About three fourths of the way through I realized I had forgotten to add the already cut sashing and cornerstones!  I decided to just keep on keeping on and cut another whole quilt to use the sashing and cornerstones in.

I am loving my Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers for trimming up all the hst's for the A Quilting Life BOM/Rainbow Scrap Challenge block.  Here are my pink blocks for May.  Linking up with Angela .


Saturday, May 11, 2024

A Few Finishes, Finally!

My second Moth in the Window quilt is a flimsy.  I love it!
Winter Blues aka Packer Bliss is also finally a flimsy!  So happy to have that border done and added on.  

I started working on my second Princess Crown quilt last week since it is cut and waiting.  Got about a quarter of the blocks made.  


Sunday, April 28, 2024

Moth in the Window Blocks are Complete!

I have eighty-one Moth in the Window blocks made this time around.  I laid them out and then took pictures, stared, changed things around, and repeat several times.  The final layout-ish is this first picture.  Not perfect, but I am happy with it.

Last night we had a game night at Hannah and Jeremy's house.  We played Cascadia!  Kathy suprised me with it yesterday so I watched some videos and played it solo twice so I could teach it.  It is easy to teach and learn and we all liked it.  I won!

 Update on the grandkids:  Lily is growing up fast and went to a father/daughter dance with her Dad (pic below) recently.  Saxon is growing fast and still trailing Coleman around.   Indie is army crawling and sitting up so well and has signed MILK, BYE and DOG.  Hazel is recognizing numbers and letters and sounds.

Friday, April 12, 2024


On Easter we went to Hannah and Jeremy's.  I got a semi good picture of Hazel and I...she tends to not want to pose when I have makeup on!  We played Doomlings while the kids napped which was fun.
I got a picture of my Friends All Around quilt outside finally.
I sewed with Becky and Barb last Thursday and Becky was working on her Merry Mayhem mystery from NYD #148 so Barb and I were trying to find ours on the blog and I realized neither made it there.  So here is my finished (back in January) mystery!  I do like how it came out.
Kathy had surgery on her neck last week Wednesday.  She had to be opened on both sides.  Her sister came out from New York for five days to help us out and cheer Kathy.  Her granddaughter Ayla is having a baby in July, they plan to name her Luna Mae.  So I sent some books and toys that Indie is too old for now (or that we did not need) since Indie is sitting up for Luna.  I also managed to tie and bind this eye spy quilt in one evening when we realized she was leaving the next day!  
I also let Kelly (Kathy's sister) pick out a baby quilt from the three I had done and she chose this one.  So Luna has two quilts coming her way.

My new favorite solo game (which can be played with up to four people) is Regicide!  It can be played with a regular deck of cards and the directions are free online on BGG.  I love it so much I bought the deck as I love the art.  I have played this game 38 times in the past two weeks.  Not bored yet!
Yesterday I sewed up my A Quilting Life BOM in yellow for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Loving this double check off each month.  I took me til the 11th to sew them since I have been more fatigued than usual and doing more as Kathy is not able to do all she usually does.  
I am doing the bonus HST's on these each month.  I always iron them as I go (learned from having a huge basket of them unironed at one point) though I do not trim them as I go.  They do wind up getting used.  


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Friends All Around!

I added twenty more blocks to Friends All Around.  It is now big enough to go on the back of the couch for a summer quilt.  I think the top is done, but giving it some time before I decide for sure.


I also printed out the label (and one for the most recent Quiltville quilt--I am behind three or four labels there) and redid the math to make the backing bigger for my longarmer.  I need to piece it together so I can get it quilted.

I am currently working on Moth in the Window blocks.  I have 42 out of 81 made.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Happy National Quilting Day!

I participated in the National Quilting Day sewalong on the Modern Quilt Studio page.  We sewed Friends all Around.  Here is my first block.  I originally wanted to make a baby quilt so I only did twenty blocks.  I love it so much I decided to add twenty more and we will see from there.


I also FINALLY started my second Moth in the Window quilt!  Hazel laid them out for me on Friday.

Then I laid them out!

I have made five more since then.  The one below has my Dad's shirt in it.  Love seeing it in my quilts! These blocks are like potato chips, you cannot make just one!


Saturday, March 9, 2024

Indigo Way is a Flimsy, a Wedding, and my RSC!

I am all caught up on A Quilting Life's BOM and my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2024.  I went back and made a second January block in green and then made two blocks in purple for March.  Loving these scrappy blocks!

For Christmas Becky sent me a Halloween table runner.  It arrived in early February I think, but accidentally went to our old Milwaukee address.  The people there took it in their house and their dog got to the package.  They thought it was not damaged, but one green square was ripped apart.  I did not want to mention it to Becky (I love this table runner) so I got a spider and sewed it over the top.  Looks even better!  I have one more smaller spider that I might just add to the other side!

Last weekend my goddaughter (and niece from ex hubby's side) got married nearby.  She lives in Milwaukee.  Kelsey and Tony have been together for ten years and finally decided to marry.  She was a beautiful bride and I predict many happy years for the two of them!  Hazel was the flower girl which was super cute.  
I held Indie for about ninety minutes (the whole ceremony and some of the dinner/reception) and as far as I know there are no pictures of it.  Kathy had her for five minutes, but I got a picture.  Indie is such a snuggler and a happy baby.  She has a helmet til April for a slightly wrongly shaped head.  It is pretty much fixed now.  She looks so cute with her helmet and when we take it off we barely recognize her.  She wears it 23 hours a day.
Here are Kelsey and Tony with Talkin Turkey which I gave them for their wedding.  It looks like they love it!  This was a hard one to part with, but I can see they appreciate it! 

Now on to my big finish!  I had two days in a row of sewing this week!  Indie started daycare so I have the girls two days a week now (instead of a third day with Indie) so I am recovering a bit better and can sew more.

I had the top together the end of February and was putting off trimming it and getting the borders on. I did not follow the directions correctly as I thought I could take a shortcut, haha!  So I had to add a partial unit to the end of my border to make it work out.

My corners are not great and I am not sure this is perfectly square, but Indigo Way is done.  I love how the colors came out.

There is not enough room to lay this out in the living room.  I had to move furniture, and it is still on top of a chair leg.  So happy to have this one done!

May is Pink!

I finished my blocks for Princess Crown #2 and was so excited I started sewing them together.  About three fourths of the way through I real...