Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BOM Progress

 I unpicked and resewed my Ooh Rah! BOM--it is still not quite the right size, but it is alright.

 I also substituted a different blue for my Traditions BOM--I accidentally cut the blue provided a bit too small and just didn't want to deal with it.  It works fine.  Now all my BOM are caught up for September...October will be here before I know it!

Off to work all day and night--looking forward to shop hop this Saturday!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bringing Out My Inner Junk Gypsy!

 I decided to work on Ooh Rah! and do my September BOM.  I did the whole center part and then discovered that despite my close to perfect seam allowance, it was far too big for the 8 inch side pieces.  UGH!  I trimmed some but it still is too big.  So I put it away for another day.  I may just make another middle because that seems like less work than tearing apart and fixing this one, lol!

I decided to head downstairs and got in my workout and did some cleaning...then I decided I wanted to paint this cabinet my folks gave me turquoise.

 Watching the Junk Gypsies show has me really loving this color and wanting to makeover something so I did!  This cabinet lives in our third bathroom which is rarely used now that we don't have a roommate living upstairs.
 I wanted it to match the fish shower curtain in there and be more fun!

I pretty much had to climb in the sink to get these pictures, but I love how it turned out and there is lots of paint left---wonder what is next!

Sunday Funday!

Block 8 for City Sampler is done, loving this block too!  Aren't they all magnificent together?  Long way to go but they are fun!

 Bonnie posted this link earlier and I have printed it before and just have never felt confident enough to do it.  Now that I have paper pieced a gazillion Wild and Goosey blocks I thought I could try it!  It wasn't too bad, much harder than Wild and Goosey but it was fun!  I could not get the dotted lines to print on the pattern so I used a ruler and drew them in myself.  My last two pieces are slightly off and I may try to fix that later, but for now I am content with it!
 Her is what the crazy back looks like too!

 And the mess around my machine now that I am done! to finish watching the Packer game...hoping they keep up the momentum they just found before the half!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Orange and a Whole Lot More!

 Linking up with Angela over at SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Orange Link Up.  I have been working on my lozenge leaders and enders and am making some real progress!  Cannot wait to get all these lozenges into a quilt top!
 I also made block 7 of Tula Pink's City Sampler.  Really enjoying these little blocks!
 Last night and this morning I finished all the Scrappy Mountain Majesties blocks and got them sewed together!  I still need to add borders but it is time to go into work for several hours, so they will wait (yes, I picked up hours on a Saturday--ugh!).

The vast majority of these blues came from the estate fabric sale I was lucky enough to go to last May.  I have an overabundance of blues (I like them and she did too) but I still found it hard to have lots of variety in this--especially in the lights.  Overall I love it and am hoping my youngest son Mac will love having a bed size quilt for his  double bed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hump Day Sewing!

 Did a little sewing before work and a lot of sewing after work today!  First up was my Plus block in orange for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Then I tackled block five and six of Tula Pink's City Sampler.

 I really don't have a plan for colors on these blocks...I am using the pictures to help me pick my fabrics and am hoping that Tula had a plan that I can follow, haha!  Right now it looks a little hodgepodgy but I am not going to worry too much!
 After cutting and sewing a bunch more huge HST's for Scrappy Mountain Majesties I sewed a half of another block and then went down to work out and make chef salad.  When I came back up I put borders on this little Packer quilt (I sewed the second half of it today).

 Tonight, Kathy did the cutting and I did the sewing on this Lil' Twister (turned the pic above into a much smaller quilt below).  It goes pretty quickly with the two of us tag teaming.  I am hoping I will have time to quilt it tomorrow but if not I will do it this weekend, I want to bring this one to my phone job and hang it in the cubicle!  GO PACK GO!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lake Front Property Once Again!

 You may have heard that Arizona got a bit of rain overnight and this morning.  I live in a neighborhood that only has this one entrance to our street.  This morning we walked down to see all this water and people wakeboarding/skiing and riding in inner tubes and getting kayaks out!  We met more neighbors today than in the past six years we have been living here.

 Here is Coleman out checking out how far the water goes down the street.  As far as the eye can see in this direction....

 and pretty far in this direction too.

 We walked down about four times today and the water did recede a little bit, but just before sundown this is what it still looked like!

 Our street is not flooded but we live next to the canal and this morning the backyard was flooded and the canal was a few inches from overflowing into our backyard.  Thankfully it has been going down all day (and the rain far) so there is almost two feet of canal available to fill again if we get more rain.  Our backyard drained nicely, yay!  Many people were without power, have flooded homes, etc.  Not in our area but not far from us either.  The college I work at called off classes (actually all of Maricopa Community Colleges closed) and we did not even attempt to go out.  Hopefully we can get out in the morning for work though!

 We did enjoy Quiltcam with Bonnie and Kathy made progress on Wanderlust.  Isn't this one gorgeous?  I am so glad she is making it so we will have one and I don't have to make it!  Love how colorful and scrappy it is!
 Meanwhile I worked on Scrappy Mountain Majesties.  Yesterday I was inspired by some other gal's picture on Quiltville's Open Studio and I thought this would be a fairly quick top to make large.  I am happy with my progress today, but I need to make more blocks because I want this to be for my youngest son Mac's double bed.  He doesn't have a HUGE quilt for his bed in Wisconsin and I am hoping he will like this since his favorite color is blue (or red he said).
Goal is to have a quilt for each of my grown up kiddos this year since the plan is for them all to be here at Christmas this year (it will have been three years already!).  Hannah will be getting My Blue/Purple Heaven since Coleman and his fiance broke up right after I got it into a flimsy (and fittingly Hannah's favorite color is purple) and I am thinking I am going to make more Moth in the Window blocks so that I can enlarge that top and give that one to Coleman this year.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Classic Meets Modern--Maple Block :)

 I really struggled with picking the colors for my Maple block.  I wanted it to be orange since leaves are often orange (and not so often hot pink) but I only have a hint of orange in the other blocks and it just wasn't working for me.  I cut and placed lots of squares before deciding on this and I actually really like it now that it is done.  So here are all my block together so far and I am loving how they are shaping up!  Cannot believe there are only three more blocks to go!
Linking up with Sew at Home Mummy's Classic Meets Modern Quiltalong.