Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival!

My longarmer Ros entered my daughter's quilt into the Blogger's Quilt Festival--small quilt category.  Hannah made it to commemorate her cat Greybear who passed away shortly after the quilt was done.  Ros did the beautiful longarming on it.  You can see Ros' Blog and find the link to vote on it.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spending the Day with Quilty Friends!

 I met up with Ann, BJ and Andrea for sushi today (after Pilates) and had a dragon roll.  It was so gorgeous I took a picture!  It was delicious too--first time I tried black rice and I liked it fine.  This picture is of BJ and I--you may remember her from a few years back on my blog...she has lost over 120 pounds with Weight Watchers and really helped inspire me to just go for it!  She is a different person and is so much happier all around.  I love this lady and don't see her often enough!

 Andrea and BJ have become really close friends and we have always have a good time when we get together.  She is funny (so is Ann but she wasn't up for pictures!).

 On a whim after paling around with Andrea and BJ I texted Barb and asked her to come sew for a bit at my place.  She was up for it and we both made our block party BOM.  Here is mine.
And here is Barb's   We all got the focus fabric and put whatever we wanted with it.  Will be a colorful and fun quilt for whoever wins this month!
Barb helped me figure out the Math for the borders (though I still didn't get them quite to size)!  I did get the inner border and pieced border on and decided on the red for the outer border.  Hope to get that done tomorrow and the backing pieced...then I can cross it off my list!

 Barb stayed for dinner (beef roast, colorful carrots and potatoes in the crock pot) and we laughed and gabbed.  It was really a nice day with friends I don't see often and a little quilting.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend!

 Yesterday after Pilates we ran over to a fabric estate sale that my former student (now friend) Kim told me about.  I really didn't need to go nuts, so I kept my eye out for some reds for my Lil' Crumbler quilt I am cutting out.  I also could not resist the cute nuetrals and a few of the other fat quarters.  They were only a buck apiece!  I was OVER THE MOON when I found four inch squares of various fabrics in several plastic bags (four sets) for eye spy quilts.  What a find.  Of course the ones I had cut out were either smaller or bigger than that, but I was getting low and decided to just do some that size and cut up extras that I had to fit, etc.
 My stack of red fabric is growing!  We also stopped at Schnepf farms to hand pick peaches since we were way out that way.  It was a gorgeous day to walk out into the orchard and the peaches are organic.  We didn't hang out for the peach fest or whatever was going on because we had tons of cleaning and prepping for Mother's Day with the family at our place.
 Kathy was so happy this weekend to finish up clue five and get started on clue six of Grand Illusion.  Hers are the same colors as Bonnie's and it looks fantastic!
 Here is the eye spy with all of her fabrics and a bunch of mine too.  I am still working on the hexie one...did a few more rows, but I couldn't lay it out to decide the order to sew the rows because the dogs were all comfy in I moved on to this for the night last night.
 Here I am with my mom and (step) dad.  Mom got her hair cut short because she liked how mine looked.  How fun is that?
 Kathy got me a new Lemon tree to replace the one that froze.  The leaves are turning yellow..the guy said it could be from the shock of transplanting it, or it could mean it needs iron.  So we are watching it a few more days then adding iron.  Gonna read up on lemon trees--I want this one to live!  Our other trees are getting huge.

 This year, mom and dad brought me this cool plant.  I have never seen one spray painted like this...really makes it cool.  Hope the plant doesn't mind it.  I may plant it out with the gnomes.  My windowsill is full of plants now!
 Mackenzie and Liz sent Kathy and I this Rose of Jericho.  Apparently it will open up when there is moisture present and close up when there isn't.  Interesting, learned something new and it is so Mac!

This is the third year I have bought a plant for the mom's in our family and this year I just went with a pretty purple flower.  
I didn't have the best eating day (egg brunch, ice cream cake for Dad's bday and Indian for dinner...oy!) but I did work out for 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Lost 1.4 this past week so I am at 90.8 down!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is it the Weekend Yet?

 A gal at work asked me to make six beanbags (one for each station at work).  We will number them on the back and when one of us needs a team we ding our bell and throw our beanbag out.  It is hard to know where the bell came from sometimes so this should help us find the interpreter needing a team.  Or we can practice our juggling with them.  I thought it would be fun to bust into a southwest fabric charm pack I have had for several years.

I also put together four more Eye Spy rows (none are sewn together yet).  When I have enough rows I will move them all around til I am happy with the way it looks.  I think Eye Spys might be my favorite quilt to make.  So much fun to have so many different fabrics and they make a great gift!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Traditions Quilts Arrive in Wisconsin

My grandma Char's sister--my great Aunt JeanAnn loves her Traditions quilt.  So does my Aunt Sally but I haven't seen a picture of her with it yet.  So here she is with her Packer colored flamingos!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Usury Wind Cave Take Two!

 On April fourth I went with the Chubby Chicks (four of them) on a hike I did with DJ four years ago.  I remember when I did it that I thought we would never make it to the top.  We almost gave up several times and it was way more than I physically could do at the time.  I was nervous to do it again but I decided to go anyway.   Kathy was working and didn't want to do this one anyway.  This time I didn't ask myself once how much farther.  All of the sudden we were at the top!  It was a great workout and though I needed to stop a few times to catch my breath, I had a great time.

 This hike is 75 floors up!  That is the most I have ever done (now twice) and I look forward to doing it again when it cools down!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

One Finish, One Start and a Few See Progress!

 I woke up this morning and knew I needed to get at least this Eye Spy I started cutting and piecing the batting and backing and eventually got it done!  This one is for my cousin Jamie's second child just born a few days ago--Benjamin.  I love sending an Eye Spy quilt and book to the little ones!  

 When my ex sister in law Tiffany saw it she messaged me and said she would love an eye spy quilt for Colton at her house.  I didn't give him one because I knew they still had Ben's in pristine condition.  However, my brother kept all the quilts so Colton doesn't have one at his mom's house.  So I finally decided to start sewing the hexies I have been cutting and sewing for years!  This is as far as I got today but no doubt this one will be done and snuggle the little guy soon!
Here are some pictures of the other quilts that got batting, backing, etc.  I didn't quilt any of them but they are one step closer!

Apparently my camera lens was dirty since some of these are blurry but you get the idea.  Other than that, we cleaned house some more.  The family all comes over here for Mother's Day and since we didn't do our usual deep clean this spring (since Monica didn't get to visit and I had surgery) we are doing it now.  More to do next Saturday but happy the drapes and windows and the like are done!
This week I am working freelance early in the morning three days (followed by my other two jobs) and have a doctor's appointment, weight watchers and Pilates the other days.  I better get some sleep--it is going to be a LOOOOONG week!