Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Blue (Purple) Heaven!

 Ros just posted she finished quilting My Purple Heaven!  Pattern is at Quiltville (My Blue Heaven) for free.  My daughter Hannah will be getting this one since purple is her favorite color and she doesn't mind a bit when I gift her with a quilt.  I started it for Coleman's fiance but then they split up.  They are sort of back together again but meanwhile I reassigned this quilt.  Oh well!  Maybe she will get one one day. 
 Ros does the most fantastic job quilting my quilts, I am so thankful I found her!  She even adds a label right on the backing for me now!  So nice to have that and the number of the quilt it is (252) for all those who find it in the future! 
She even credits Bonnie Hunter, thanks Ros! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Prepping for Grand Illusion!!!!

 Kathy and I are hosting the second annual Quiltville Mystery kickoff the day after black Friday.  Kathy will do the mystery in Bonnie's fabulous colors but I will be changing it up so we don't have two just alike.  Here are the regular colors plus black and white.
Here are Kathy's fabrics:
And then I had to try to figure out how I wanted to change it up this year!  I love doing the mystery as  a Packer quilt but wanted something different this year (thinking I will do the NYE mystery in Packer colors if that works out!).  So of course I headed to Design Seeds for some inspiration.  I wound up making a Pinterest board of my favorites (you can see it on my page on the upper right) and then narrowed it down to this picture!
I LOVE it!  I also love that the bottom three colors are similar to Bonnie's pics so that makes it easier for me to trust the design will show up in the end!  I decided to do the grey where Bonnie has black and will do blue/periwinkle where she has greens.  I ordered a few more fabrics tonight because I did not have enough of the right apricot (and that is the constant) and I am not too sure about the range in the purples and blues.

There will be more variety because when Bonnie tells us the size of the strips we are to cut from we always check the strip bins for colors that match first before we cut into the yardage.  If you look closely you will see that some of the fabrics in Kathy's picture and my picture are the same--lol we share but no worries, we won't run out!  The scrappier the better!  I can hardly wait.
Now to order the cake for our Second Annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff happening here in Chandler the day after Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Arizona Block Pincushions :)

 A few years ago on Shop Hop, Kathy and I each thought we had to have a kit to make a tiny Arizona block pincushion so we bought them.  So since they have been sitting around waiting patiently for us to get to them (and I didn't have time at Quilt Camp) I finally made them both tonight.  They required the use of the tiniest Thangles I have ever seen.  TINY!  I like triangulations better so I pinned my papers on so I could at least sew several straight lines instead of doing each strip individually.
 How tiny are those pieces?  Not my best sewing, but I took my time and ironed and everything.  Too tiny for me!
 In the end they turned out okay!

 I will gift one and keep one to share with Kathy.  I won't be lining up to do anything that small again any time soon--unless it is paper pieced!
I got tons done sewing today which was fabulous, but I have less than 1000 steps on my fitbit!  Sheesh!  Hiking in the morning and I will be working out tomorrow during the Packer game too!  Gonna shoot for 10,000 tomorrow!  Lost two pounds this past week (after a gain the week before) so now I am at 67.8 total pounds lost.  :)

Such a Happy Saturday!

 Forgot to mention last Thursday Kathy and I went to South Mountain hiking again.  We wrapped my foot (and iced it before and after) and managed to do a shorter than usual hike.  My foot is almost back to normal today--so excited because we are hiking again tomorrow!
 Kathy finished my quilt ladder too!  I haven't had time to really figure out which quilts to put on it but wanted to get a quick picture of it.  We have it on the stairway landing.
 I had some time to play today so I made Lori Holt from A Bee in My Bonnet's "Tom Turkey."  He whipped up pretty quickly and makes me smile!
 Took the March on Green Bay Packers quilts outside for a better photo.
 I completed my Wild and Goosey block for the weekend too.  That is the only Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville sewing I did this week!  So I am linking this post up to Jo's Country Junction!
 I quilted Hat Trick Schnibbles finally!  I put it under my machine like a mat, though I haven't bound it yet.
I also quilted and bound Speck.  Happy to have two more off my list!  
I watched the PBS special about the Roosevelts for about seven hours today and then we started some movies.  So far "Signal" stinks!  Now what shall I sew next?

Sewing the Blues!

 Today I made the 11th block for Ooh Rah!  One more block to go for this Quilt of Valor before it finds its way to Alycia in Colorado to be donated to a soldier.
 I packed up the Featherweight and finally got Martha back out.  She had to go in awhile back and I just never put her back on the table.  The Featherweight is great for travel and this one is not, but both sew GREAT!  I had to look up how to thread her again because I had already forgotten.  I also took Paula's advice and got the Q-Tools Reusable Vinyl Stop to put on the machine for that perfect quarter inch.  I use Bonnie's tool to measure it out and then put the vinyl on.  I took this picture with the old credit card on there though.
 I think this is the last block I need to do for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I am not positive, but I think I have kept up all along.  As you can see I had to do some unpicking!
 Here is Double X done correctly!
 And the light blue blocks so far with an extra orange thrown in.  I need to count and/or lay out these blocks but I am holding off for more space to do that!  Linking up with the Scraphappy Angela!

Catching up on the Busy Work

Kathy and I spent some time tonight making backings, piecing batting and making and attaching bindings.  All the busy work that piles up and never gets done until I just dig in and try to get it moving!  I still need to make a backing for Lozenges and have one more small quilt to get batting and backing on.  So the Packer pair have binding on and will get wrapped up for Christmas in plenty of time!

This one is now ready to be tied (old pic though).

Still have lots of little quilts to get quilted--all but one now have backing and batting and are ready to go:  

Bread and Butter

Hat Trick

Nines Surrounded
Piney Flats
Tomorrow nothing on the agenda but sewing!!!!  I am hoping I am in the mood to quilt and bind one or two of these little ones so I can get some finishes in!  :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Tula Pink City Sampler Update

 I got in a little sewing before work this morning!  Here are block Number 25 and 26 from Tula Pink's City Sampler.  Half the fun is picking out the fabrics, these rectangles are pretty easy to sew.
 Here are all the blocks so far, still looking really hodge podgey, but I think they will be alright in the end!
Linking up with the Choose your own blockalong.  Now, back to work!