Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Playing Around on the Blog!

Sew at Home Mummy is doing a beautify your blog series and look what I was able to make here at work between calls!  My very first picture with print on it!  LOL, cannot wait to get home and actually follow her directions and make myself a new header and such.  So happy that some folks are good at things like this and teach the rest of us!
In other news, I did not sew diddly squitsky last weekend (not sure if you noticed the lack of posting!) but I did read a book (The Red Queen) cover to cover and got in plenty of exercise!  I did do some handstitching on my second elephant but that was about all that was crafty that happened.  I am hoping to be more in the mood this weekend!  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Purple Passion Saturday!

 I spent much of yesterday and today's sewing time cut PURPLE bricks for my lozenge leader/ender challenge and then sewing some of them.  I am about caught up to the point where I can go back to doing them as leaders and enders!  I now have 167 I believe.
 Many--if not most of these purples are from the fabulous fabric thrift sale I went to a few weeks ago.  A few were mine, but lots and lots of the fabrics in this quilt are going to be from those findings.  Kathy and I watched "Fruitvale Station" last night and some Titanic themed things today.  If you have not seen Fruitvale, it was an excellent movie.  Sadly it is based on a true story but really has a message for us.
 We have also decided we are going to plant a herb garden this year....we ordered the stuff and are still waiting on part of the kit to arrive before we can do the actual planting.  Meanwhile, I have been reading this book and have marked off the pages for the herbs we are going to grow.  I am doing better with remembering to water my succulents too...when summer really gets going here in Arizona, all these things are coming in the house!  I may wind up putting them in the window of the Packer room until I get my dream window in the kitchen...so I will have room for herbs there.
My sewing friend Stella (who was in the PHXMQG but moved away) thought of me when she found this gnome fabric--so she sent it to me.  How sweet is that, it made my day...random acts of kindness rock!
My parents are moving again---hopefully buying a house in Cave Creek (they have a counteroffer to the counteroffer in right now) so tomorrow we are heading up to help them pack again.  Are you counting how often them move?  I went to nineteen schools before graduating high school and then since I was married to a military man I moved tons after that too...the longest I have ever lived anywhere is about five years...this house is about to break the record on the last house I lived in on Lake Wissota which was about five years.  Anyway, since we have been here (five years in June) my parents have moved six times--or is this move seven?  My siblings and I are SO over it but my mom loves to decorate and I swear she thinks it is easier to move than to Spring clean--especially when we help her!
Oh, lost 1.6 pounds this week--so I am just over 20.  Kathy lost 6.2!  Her total is around 19...whoot whoot!  Still getting in my exercise daily!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Antiquing for some Steps!

Stopped in at 35th Ave. to pick up our blocks on Saturday and someone shared their flimsy of another quilt...too cute in purple!

After that Kathy and I decided to go to the Antique store to get in some steps for our fitbits in a fun way.  I have not been to this place in over a year so it was fun to check out all the quilts and machines the way Bonnie always does!

I loved this fan quilt.  Nothing I would ever try to make mind you!
Stacks of quilts!
This machine is really similar to the one I have at home. 
Another pretty quilt I would not attempt!  And another cool machine!

Thought this donkey qiult was pretty cool!
A not as old singer in a cabinet.

Loved both of these quilt.  Hexies and bubble gum pink, what is not to love! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finish Along

Lately I feel like I am always working on a BOM or RSC blocks and though I am making progress, I am not really getting anywhere!  I saw one of my regular blog reads (Fluffy Sheep Quilting) is participating in a quarter two finish along, so I had to follow her link and check it out!  I need a bit of a push to get some of these quilts finished!  So the first step is to post about projects that I will finish between now and July 6, 2014 and then link up!
I started Hawaii Sunset many sunsets ago, lol and have seen Andra's lovely finish and Amy's blocks come to life after our swap ages ago....I love this quilt and really just need to take the time to get it finished and quilted!  This goal might just help it see the light of day.  Maybe Amy will join in with me and put hers to the front of the line too! :)

I am so tickled with Ring Around the Hexies and need to get a backing and binding made for it and get it quilted too.  I want to hang this on the wall of the bedroom--I thought about hand quilting it, but I want to see it done sooner than that (and I have enough hand projects!) so I think I will get it out to my longarmer next time I see her and this one should be an easy finish this quarter!

I still have lots of star blocks to make and then I need to get My blue/PURPLE Heaven together and quilted and bound.  I was really enjoying this one but have been stalled out, so since it is purple month at the RSC I suspect I may get these blocks done and get to putting them together too!

After looking at many of the linked up posts, I have come to the conclusion that I need to add more to this post so I am adding in an eye spy or two.  I have a bin with lots of cut fabrics to make up this quilt again...
 And this quilt again....and one is always in need of eye spy quilts for baby gifts!  So I will play in these fabrics and try to get in a finish or two with these before the quarter two challenge ends!
So here is to my first FINISH ALONG goals!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

35th Ave. BOM for April and Satin....

Sunday I whipped up the 35th Ave. BOM for April.  It was the same block but different colors that we have for March and it went together pretty well.
I also added satin to my brother's old baby blanket for his son Ben.  I did not do a great job on it, but as long as it is soft, he will be happy.  I hope they don't ask me to do the other blanket, because I didn't care for it at all!  I tried two different methods neither with much visual luck, lol, but it is on the blanket and it is done!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Quarterly Update on the Leader/Ender Lozenge Challenge!

 Happy mail day, Bonnie Hunter's newest book arrived autographed "to her number one fan" which made my day yesterday!  Lots of great quilts in the book....I have been busy though with the Lozenge Leader/Ender challenge (which is on her blog and not in this book).  So far, here is some of what I have.  I started out sort of random and then realized I should just do each Rainbow Color of the month as it comes so I will have a good variety and I can cut the pieces while I am organizing and cutting the color for that.

 So for the aqua/teals we have these.

 For the blues we have these.

 For the pinks we have these!
 And more pinks are in progress...here is what is done so far in purples, I still need to cut more of those.
 So for my quarterly progress (not all done leader/ender style!) I have about 80 made.  Hopefully I will be more productive with it this next quarter!

**I keep forgetting to update those of you who are keeping up with my Weight Watchers saga!  I have now lost 19 pounds (in seven weeks) and am doing the elliptical and recumbent bike daily.  Every day is a challenge lately, but am fortunate to have lots of friends cheering me on and my fitbit too!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Purple Pleasure!

Here is my purple depression block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!
And some purple lozenges for Bonnie's Leader/Ender challenge.
And this block is for no particular reason, I was just playing around :)  And it isn't even purple!