Monday, October 20, 2014

Classic Meets Modern Flying Geese!

 I have been trying to get to this fun Classic Meets Modern QAL all month long and finally tonight I snuck it in!  For some reason I thought I was making the second block, but I used the cutting directions for the first the time I realized it I decided I really like this block as is so here it is with all the others.
Linking up with Sew at Home Mummy!  Click on over there and see all the other fabulous blocks people are making.  I am LOVING this modern block a month!  I cannot believe only two months remain!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Climbing, Twisting and Prepping!

 Kathy helped me cut my tiny Lil' Twister and I sewed it all together and quilted it.  I am overall happy with it.  Wish my quilting was better, but I am do the best I can!  I bound it in the car this morning while talking to Hannah (DD) this morning on speaker phone.
 So happy it is done.  It is only about 11 inches square.  This is for the small quilt auction at camp this weekend.  I hope at least one person falls in love with it!
 We returned to Piestewa Peak this morning and started down what we thought was trail 302--the nature trail.  We have determined we suck with the maps at this mountain.  We followed the path more than half way up the mountain before turning around because it just is really hard on the knees and while I can do it, Kathy really can only do so much of it.  I would rather we did something closer to our level though I enjoy the challenge.
 This is the steepness we were dealing with--turned out it was the Ruth something or other trail which is moderate/severe difficulty level.  Yep, they rated it right!  We did eventually find the nature was in the opposite direction that the sign pointed to and required us to do a serious steep incline down to get to it.  We toodled along on it for awhile before deciding that we had had enough.  All told we only traveled a mile and a half but we did 25 floors according to fit bit.  We also hit Costco, dropped quilts off to Ros, and then hit Wal-Mart before coming home.  I have over 11,000 steps today (worked out tonight too!) which makes up for the 3,000 I had yesterday.  Iced my knee and seriously am ready to hit the sack--it is 8 PM here people, hiking wears me out!
 I FINALLY finished up my lozenges!  I have the 405 I need for the quilt and a few extras to boot.  It is all packed up for quilt camp!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Herringbone Workshop and an RSC Block--or Two!

 I went to the PHXMQG today for the Maureencracknellhandmade Herringbone quilt.  Free tutorial if you follow the link.  Before we got started we had a quick show and tell.  This first quilt is the economy block quilt--members made the blocks and another member quilted it.  It will be donated somewhere.
 Johnny showed us her Jack-o-Lantern runner.
 This is the gal on the left's quilt.  She worked on it at retreat and has it almost done now.  It really is a beautiful quilt!  Makes me love solids even more than usual!
 Then Danny got us going on our herringbone quilts.

 She brought us two finished samples and another in progress quilt.  All stunning!

 Here is Tiffany with her first strip.  She has gorgeous purples and greys and I cannot wait to see hers all done!

 Here are my first two panels trimmed.  I am happy with them, no time to continue working on it right now as I am prepping for Quilt Camp!  So this may come with me if I think I can get to it, otherwise it will wait a bit.

 So here is my Sickle block for the ScrapHappy Saturday Link Up!

I cheated on the Chevron block and used leftover parts from Celtic Solstice.  So it is green and gold!

A Swap, A Block and the City Sampler Update

 I belong to the New Quilting Club Yahoo Group and this year we exchanged tabletoppers.  I requested Halloween and Fonda sent me this lovely tabletopper!   I sent a snowman/Christmas one to CR--Rock Candy.

I got my Wild and Goosey block done early since I have a pretty busy weekend again this weekend.  Here it is!
 I then was able to add another row--49 blocks in all.  This quilt seems like it isn't growing!
 Got my Chooseyourownblockalong City Sampler blocks for this week done too! Here are blocks 17 and 18.

 And the whole lot so far.  Really enjoying each one of these blocks! Linking up Live a Colorful Life!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

City Sampler

 Here are block 15 and 16 of my choose your own blockalong blocks.  I am doing Tula Pink's City Sampler, two blocks per week and keeping up.  Sew much fun!
Linking up for the chooseyourownblockalong!
 I know the next few weekends are going to be busy so I cut the next two blocks to help myself out and then I could not resist cutting and sewing up # 21 too.  Easy peasy block!
 I decided to try to make the Lil' Twister (Primitive Gatherings) tiny, tiny twister for the quilt camp auction.  I sure hope I get it cut up again and stitched together, quilted and bound in the next two weeks.  Also I hope it looks good.  I didn't put the lights in the middle because I prefer it without that, so we shall see.  If I can sneak in some sewing this week it might just be on this one.  I still have to quilt my Packer one too!
I also organized my black and grey bins (since this month is black/grey/brown for RSC) and cut the last 23 lozenges I need.  I will be bringing that project to quilt camp to sew into a top!  Cannot wait to see it come together!

Sunday Hiking

 Today we hiked Piestewa Peak...well really we tried to find the easy trail...spent about an hour and hiked a mile and a half before we finally found it.  There are maps all over but not real helpful when sun faded and only one said "you are here" HAHA!  We had a good time anyway and got some exercise in.

 We accidentally started climbing the Summit Trail, did not take us too long to figure out the steepness was not the easy trail we wanted.
Just about the time we were going to give  up--we found it!  We walked on it a bit and then headed back to the car.  We will go again next week and start here and see what happens!  Can't wait!

Busy, Busy Weekend!

I feel like I had so much to do this weekend to be caught up to where I wanted to actually stressed me out!  And most of it was sewing related.  Ah to turn off  my type A personality!  So Saturday I made a list of things to do and got to it (I was supposed to go to AZ Blankets for Kids with a friend of mine and her mom, daughter and another friend--I stayed home to get to work on my list).  First up was cutting fat eighths for the Cotton and Steel Hatbox swap over at Sew at Home Mummy.  Done and will be mailed on Monday.  I am sending out the top fabric (and bought myself some extra kitty fabric) and will be getting back fat eighths in all the different fabrics.
Next up was to prep Herringbone for next Saturday's PHXMQG meeting.  I will be going as a guest (haven't been there all year) and am looking forward to Danny teaching us this quilt as you go quilt.  I haven't starched my fabrics like she recommends, but I did finally pick up some starch today.

 I sewed up one Wild and Goosey block so I could post my weekend check in on Quiltville's Open Studio.
 Almost enough for another row!

 I made the maple leaf block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge but didn't pay attention enough to the directions and made my leaf too small.  I was using up hst's that I had in the right colors and they were too tiny.  Well I slept on that and then decided to add fabric to two sides and call it good.  I am happy with the results, especially since that maple leaf fabric is the fabric I bought near Trego right after my dad died.  Every quilt it winds up in makes me happy.  (I added it to the Wild and Goosey block today too!)
 This one is Prairie Queen.  A strange block if I ever saw one!
 and this kitty cat I shall call Greybear after my daughter Hannah's cat.  Really a fun block!
Linking up with SoScrappy!