Sunday, August 19, 2018

Catching Up Again! Surprise On Ringo Lake is a Flimsy!

Hannah and I at our first wine tasting of many!

This past July I flew to Wisconsin for 15 days!  I was able to be at my best friend's son's wedding, see Hannah and her boyfriend Jeremy and Mac (we call him Jay now) and his fiancé Liz and hang with my extended family too.  Hannah and I took our third annual Mother Daughter Trip to Door County so we could combine the trips this year (with me teaching I can no longer go in May and so it had to be postponed and this made the most sense..we may do something close to Wisconsin every three years or so so I can combine the trips and see everyone there too!). We also had Mac/Jay and Liz come up for a day and spend it with us.  That was super fun too!  

We went to this cool beach and hiked through the woods and until we found all these stacked up rocks.  So much fun setting the camera and trying to get just the right picture!

Hannah and I have a blast doing anything including trying on a ton of hats!

With Jay and Liz we took a ferry out to Washington Island and saw the Stave Church, two lavender farms, climbed a ton of stairs to the highest point on the island and had pizza (twice--don't ask!)

 This is my best friend Monica and I at Kyle and Anna's wedding.  They had it in this beautiful barn (built for weddings) and it was perfect!
I have not been feeling well at all for a long time and was finally diagnosed with a B12 deficiency.  For some reason I still am super tired after ten weeks of shots...I had a cold and then my BP was high...anyways it has been a rough few months.  Between trying to make it through my work week and the start of one of my moonlighting jobs (seven credits at community college in addition to full time teaching high school) I have been neglecting my sewing.  Finally put it some time before school started and a few hours each weekend to get this On Ringo Lake (On Green Bay) Quiltville Mystery Quilt into a flimsy!

I got the backing and binding made and it is packed up for Ros!

 Kathy has a few steps left to go so since this is my brother's wedding quilt (wedding postponed a year as his fiancé is time to get on the baby quilt!) I have been helping with it.  I am sewing the geese together at this point and made the backing and binding tonight.  Kathy just finished the three piece triangle part and will now start joining that to the larger triangle.  We really want to get it done for pictures at our next Mystery Kickoff Party in November!

I miss blogging and reading my blogs, but I just never seem to have time for anything but work and exercise and sleep.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Catching Up--Spring to Summer Version

 For whatever reason only one picture worked in this post....then I forgot about fixing it...
So I have a crazy life and it has been more hectic than usual!  In March we had a long weekend during spring break to Puerta Penasco/Rocky Point!  We went with a group of people we had only just met and made lots of new friends.  We plan to go back next year with the same group and more.  It was tons of fun!

Then RedforEd happened and I was off my regular teaching job for over a week, but I was out coordinating interpreters and interpreting at the capital everyday.  I had another two seconds of fame on the news all over the place, whoot.

I finally got to work with Linda Bove from Sesame Street. It was fun to have two CDI's (certified Deaf interpreters) work with us the first day.  After that it was me, Christine and Madison daily with a few others here and there when they could help out but we were on everyday.  I learned a lot about the government and sat in my first legislative and senate session.

Kathy and I even went to Pompeii during all of that wearing out shirts...great exhibit and I am glad we finally found time to see it!

So a couple of weekends ago I finally sewed for the first time in forever!  Kathy did too!  First I put the binding on this quilt that I had gotten back from Ros forever ago.  I was planning to gift this one to my best friends son and his new wife this month but now I think it might b smaller than I was thinking and I may give them Grand Illusion instead.  I need to make some room in my cabinet anyways. 

I cannot believe I still have not finished the 35th Ave. BOM from last year (we did not do this year's).  SO I fixed the backwards arrow in this block, made both of the December blocks since Kathy was working to catch up on On Ringo lake and then set them out to see what they will look like once they are together.

We sewed the next weekend too and Kathy continued On Ringo Lake.  I finished cutting everything we both need for all the steps.  I finally ironed my blocks that I had sewed at Barbs so long ago I forget when!  I then sewed all my corner parts and laid out a few blocks just to get the idea of what it will look like.  I think I will be calling this one "On Green Bay" instead of On Ringo Lake.  I really like how it is coming along even if it has taken longer than any other Bonnie Mystery ever!

And in other news, I survived my first (second attempt) year at teaching ASL at the high school level.  It was a hard first half of the year, but kept getting better.  I am looking forward to next year and expect it will be even better now that I have survived that learning curve and many of the students that were not mine will have moved on and only a few will be left this year.  Really hard to unteach and to fill in things that they did not get when I only discover what that stuff is as I go!  So graduation went well and several of my kids signed the music--they did a fabulous job and I was so proud of them!

Image may contain: 4 people, including Ashley Delacerda, Angela Neff and Tina Neff Baeza, people smiling, table and indoor
I had mom and dad and my brother to my house for Mother's Day and we gifted Mom a day at the Crowing Glory Tearoom in Fountain Hills.  She has always wanted to do a high tea, so we did that yesterday.  The food was delicious, so many deserts!  I tried Devonshire cream for the first time and WOW that is good, rich stuff.  The maple scones were my favorite though no one else likes I got the leftovers too.  I have gained a few pounds and I am going on vacation to Wisconsin on Monday for two weeks...after that will get my butt back into better gear. 
I have had some health stuff going on which may turn out to be serious but am waiting for MRI results to know for sure.  I will just be happy to have some answers as I am tired of everyone telling me I just need to take it easy and slow down...I have known something was really off for awhile and it just keeps getting worse.  I did get blood work results back last night and my B12 is really low.  That could actually wind up being a lot of my problem instead of what I have been thinking which is MS.  However I have no left knee reflex and other symptoms that are not explained by low B12 so who knows?
The trip to Wisconsin will include the third annual mother daughter Spring trip...with my teaching we had to move it to June and we decided to add in my son and the honeys for a day so it will be different than usual.  We decided to go to Door County, Wisconsin as I have NEVER been there at all!  That way I could make it home and be there for my best friend's youngest son's wedding--I missed the oldest one's a few years ago.  I cannot wait!  My daughter broke up with her man and got back with her ex fiancé from six years ago.  So sort of a new gang again.  She is happy though and says he has always been the one.  Will be fun to see how much he has changed in the past few years..I have not seen him in eight or so years I think.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

All People Quilt UFO Challenge Progress!

I was really happy with my progress on my WIPS in 2017 thanks to the All People Quilt UFO Challenge!  I lost steam near the end of the year since I am too busy teaching full time but overall I made progress!  All People Quilt UFO challenge.

1. Betty and Amy's Choice RSC

2. RSC Sampler from 2015

4. Fall Leaf Tablerunner
Apparently I never took or at least posted a picture of this one!  I did gift it to my mom for her birthday though.
5. Pineapple Blossoms

6. 35th Ave. Patriotic BOM

8. Tula Pink's Stacks

9. Playing with Jacks

17. A Little Bit Hexie Mini Quilt

22. En Provence

23. Eye Spy

Strip Twist

Kevin's Christmas Trees

Two Easter Bunny Tablerunners

Pat Sloan Children's Library BOM

Drunkard's Path

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Bonnie's Pumpkin Runner

Random runner Barb passed on to me

So very happy to have knocked these off the list (around twenty of these!) and to have only started a few so the list is getting shorter!