Thursday, July 28, 2011

Also Strung Out, and RRCB STep 7 in Progress!

I have been remiss in showing you my recent purchases! I stopped up at Quiltz while Mom was in the hopsital (it was so close and we were killing time while she was in for a procedure) and got the orange kid friendly fabric and the one next to it...they were on the clearance shelf! One can always use light prints like that for Bonnie quilts and I seem to be forever making baby quilts so the orange one I couldn't resist. Then there was a wee little order from Fat Quarter Shop...they had a giveaway which I didn't win, but the winner picked her fabric to include this cute little pinwheel and I don't know why I love it so, but I do. It is likely to wind up in a Bonnie quilt too. Can one have too many Bonnie quilts? LOL. Of course I went ahead and got it in pink too. The red diamondy looking fabric was on clearance and I really like it. I shopped my stash for red for RRCB and realized I had few choices, so now I have one for the next quilt that needs red.

This morning before work I managed to string nine blocks and even trimmed a few...then after work more trimming....

and more sewing and trimming...and suddenly I had sixty blocks strung out! RRCB clue three is finally complete. Many thanks go out to those of you encouraging me along on these blocks and especially to Amy over at Amy's Passions who was strung out before me and encouraged me to hit the bottle too, err the blocks, the blocks and get them strung out!

Just had to point out I discovered this block had a fabric upside down (the one between the cream and the little flowers) and I am leaving it. Good conversation piece down the road!

After dinner there was no more sewing, but the ripping, cutting, and pinning did commence. We watched several episodes of The Deadliest Catch" and DJ did the phone book ripping. Poor thing has been sick for several days and went to the doctor today and discovered she has a bad uti. She got a shot in the behind, strong antibiotics and pain pills so tonight was better.

I had to show you my laziest block. Seriously, this is the widest strip i had, again conversation piece. This block whipped up in no time!

Here are all the string blocks cut in half! I tripple checked the direction of the cuts and they were done in no time.

Step 7 is coming along...I pinned all but four of them to make the twosies...just hope I remember not to sew them all into foursies...sometimes I get on a roll and well RRCB will come to a standstill if that happens.

Then I pinned and prepped the actual blocks. I tend to skip this step and regret it, so since I was in front of the tv I went ahead and did the right thing. I know I will be happy about that when I get to sewing them!

I didn't get a picture, but I started pinning the borders (I was on a roll...) until I just about ran out of pins. I work all day tomorrow so this weekend I will be back at it. I can't wait.

I also want to get the sashings and borders on my Amy's Passions BOM blocks for my nephew Christopher's Christmas quilt (and I forgot to take a pic of the Navy backing fabric I got a steal on the other day too!) So weekend goals are Christopher's quilt top, all the twosies, then the foursies that I need and get started on the thirty actual blocks. That is the part I most want to do, so saving it for last to motivate me more!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

"hit the bottle..." Too funny Andee!
Wooohoooooo! Amazing progress and great use of some TV time.
Excellent goals for the weekend; I wish you luck-n-fun times.