Sunday, July 24, 2011

RRCB Step SIX (6), yes 6 is Done! (and three baby quilts are bound!)

Finally found some time to bind three baby quilts on my Janome. I am improving with the zigzag and I am just glad these are done. This first one is most likely for my pregnant co-worker.

Here is a close up of the quilting and binding. I am not winning any awards, but it is functional and I am proud I did it myself. This quilt is for Downy Quiltz for Kids.

This third one is also for Downy Quiltz for Kids. They sent me these kits and I didn't get to them as fast as I would have liked, but now they are done and ready for two little ones to enjoy. Will get them mailed out this week. I realized after the fact that the binding I used was actually supposed to be an inner border. I was wondering why the binding was so narrow. But the binding was already attached and things were quilted, so no harm done I suppose.

Three baby quilts, YAY!

This morning I spent a few hours working on clue six of RRCB (I didn't realize it was clue six--have been calling it clue five for several posts, now fixed my other posts--so no wonder I felt like I was running in place! I made three more string blocks (12 to go!) Then after chilling in bed with my laptop waiting on my headache to go away we went and saw Harry Potter 7. It was good, we enjoyed it. Best part was there were only 8 of us in the theater! When we got home I powersewed for another hour or so and DJ helped with the trimming and ironing. So now I can happily say clue six is done and I am on clue 7! WHOOT WHOOT.

So here is my completed stack of the second half of clue six.

I can harldy wait to start getting the blocks into blocks. This is where all this hard work finally comes to fruition!
Update on mom, they are keeping her overnight again tonight since the infection she is one that she can't take oral antibiotics for. Hopefully tomorrow she will come home.


Barb said...

You certainly have been busy.....wonderful quilts!!

Patchwork Penguin said...

Wow!! You've been busy. I love the quilt in your banner with the squares and frames. IS that your pattern?

Roslyn said...

Hmm I am liking this RRCB Andee, it may go on my "list"!
Great work on the Downy quilts 3 kids will be tickled to have their own quilt!