Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Step Three...Continues...

This is hopefully the longest step in Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll and I

am sorry that you all we be bored for weeks to come while I work tirelessly on it! I had a horrible migraine today and called in sick to work (which I rarely do so you know it was bad) and I was in too much pain to even sew. I got up for a bit and did two blocks then went back to bed. Finally at around nine PM my head was "normal" so since I had been in bed all day and didn't really feel tired I got up and sewed three more blocks. Earlier DJ peeled the phone book paper off the back with me (in bed). So finally here is a picture of the 19 blocks that are done so far. Only 41 to go. I meant to get a close up picture of one or two of the blocks I made tonight....they are on the far left and have the cream and navy stripe in them. This is another chunk of fabric left over from my great grandma Myrt's quilting frame. The one that came to a tragic end but I saved the fabric. It is slowly working its way into my quilts to make me smile forever.

Oh, DJ cut out a bunch of two inch green strips for step four of RRCB...assuming that one fine day I will get to it!

Tomorrow I work most of the day and two different jobs and I am hoping and praying I don't wake up with a migraine again. Yesterday I yawned continuously all morning...I know this is some kind of warning sign that I am getting a BAD migraine. I took meds that night while working but still woke up slammed this morning. Sorry to whine, I should say that I am glad that is the only health problem I have (especially because I don't have insurance) but the pain just gets to me now and then. Tomorrow will be a better day--I hope!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Again, my sincere sympathy goes to you for your migraines.!!!

As for seeing step #3 pics for the next few days, (weeks? months?) ... ;0)
YES, this was the longest step! Way to persevere.

Candace said...

Your blocks look great. I hope that your migraine is gone. My daughter gets them and I know that they are awful.

Ann Marie said...

I was working on those, and then as the other steps came out I finished them all the while still stringing along. Then you have 600 HST to do. That step sat waiting for the stringing to be finished. I finally finished all my string blocks week before last. Come Sunday, my Super Sewing Sunday......I will get all 600 of my HST's done, and hopefully get the entire quilt done before next weekend. Hang in there, they do take forever to do.