Sunday, July 24, 2011

RRCB Step 6 and a Half....

DJ's newborn niece is in town in the hospital (they live in Yuma) so Friday night we went and saw her before heading up to see my Mom, who wound up going to the hospital in the middle of the night. I didn't get much sleep and so when we got home at 7 PM tonight, we showered and immediately fell into bed. I woke around 10 and just had to sew for a bit since tomorrow we will go back to visit the sick...Izzy (niece) may have a bowel obstruction and my mother had an infection in her breast cancer radiation site. Mom is doing MUCH better now that they drained it and put her on high power antibiotics. Niece is not feeling so great and they will wait to do some more tests on Monday. In related news, my cousin Tara had a baby back in Wisconsin the same day Izzy was born. She had a boy she named Koi. He went in the hospital on Friday too...strange coincidence. He was given a feeding tube and they are trying to figure out why he want to sleep all the time, won't eat and is losing weight. If you are the praying type, please throw up a few prayers for these two week old babies and my mom.
So on to the sewing which is what keeps me sane. I am STILL, lol, working on Step 6 of Roll, Roll Cotton Boll. I sewed the brown triangles on forty of the strips and trimmed dog ears and ironed them. I don't know how many are left but LOTS!

I also made three more little bow ties and attached them. This little cheddary quilt makes me smile :)

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scraphappy said...

Sorry to hear about all the bad luck with your family. Hopefully all the issues will get resolved and the doctors will get them fixed up. The cheddar bow ties do make me smile. It looks like a fun leaders and enders project.