Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Happy Saturday

All of the hst's for SMM are sewn and paper ripped off and ready to be ironed...only a few are ironed beyond those that are ready for the Quiltville Swap!

Here they all are almost ready to hit the post office. Hopefully I did this right...I think this is only the second mail swap I have participated in. We will see how it goes if I do it again...I put two hst's in a ziploc with my name and email address twenty times, then five sets of five blue and five brown 1.5 inch strips and three sets of each color of the 4 1/8 inch strips. Again all sets were in a separate bag with label. All that went in another bag and tomorrow I will get them in the envelope and get things addressed to go.
Now for the RRCB progress...yes step five is DONE! All finally ironed. Tomorrow I hope to cut the brown triangles for step six. I also squeezed in five more string blocks (the last few after midnight!) So I have forty made and twenty to go.

I also did some cleaning up and reorganizing of the sewing room (and even vaccuumed!) and got the box out of there that had my gifted fabric from Michelle. We have been cutting up strips the past few weeks and did more tonight and finally all my fabric fits either in the strip drawers, not yet strip drawers, and the shelf where it is folded nice and uniformly. Of course some of it is jammed in stacked up containers as projects. But it feels more organized in there.

We hit JoAnn's earlier and I bought the muslim needed for SMM and the yellow and light purple needed for my sister's Crown quilt. Also got another little gnome (70 percent off and he was the last lonely gnome in the store) that says "welcome" on his little sign. Forgot to get a picture of him though.

We spent about four hours helping DJ's grandfather move in to the new Deaf apartments (Apache ASL Trails) in Tempe. Fortunately we were mostly unpacking, washing dishes and putting everything to rights. The happiest part of that was opening a box and finding the quilt he has. He was busy getting his videophone installed so I didn't get to ask him where he got it, but DJ thinks her great aunt gave it to him..but we will get details. I did take some quick pics of it on my phone though.

And a close up.

Guess I better close the computer and get to sleep!

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