Monday, July 4, 2011

One Bonnie Quilt Done and One Gets Rolling!

I did my zig zaggy machine binding at June's today on my Janome. This worked out better than on my Diamond for some reason. I am not 100 percent pleased with it, but it is done and from a galloping horse (as they say) it looks great.

June was putting the borders on this Slide Show quilt. She admired mine and went with an Asian Scrappy type theme. I didn't snap a pic after the borders went on, but it is looking good! It is for a good friend of her's daughter (who just became a lawyer).

Here is an action shot of June!

Next I got out Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll which has been long neglected. I worked away for a few hours and got into the rhythm of it. I only did finger pressing in between and ironed after. If you look closely enough at some of these photos you can spot some of Michelle's fabric!

Managed to snap the above shot at June's before her dog Phideaux (Fido, get it!) made himself at home and posed for pics which I took with my phone. It was cute. A little dog hair is no problem for me!

Now if you look closely you can spot some of June's fabric too. We traded a few strips to make it more fun and interesting. June has these blocks all done already and I am trying to catch up with her. I would love to have this quilt done by the time fall comes around. I did 11 blocks today and add that to the (gulp) one I already had...I have 12 done! I thought I only had to do 30 so I was feeling pretty good. Then I double checked the directions to see that I have to to do SIXTY! Seriously 60? Now I remember why I was stalled on this step. So uh well I have 48 blocks to go. This step is a doozy!

I work crazy much this week so I don't think any sewing will be happening until the weekend...I am going to try to sneak in a block or two, but no promises!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Heya dear! I spent a few moments to catch up on your blog.
I remember those sixty string blocks very well! 14-15 total hours just on those (over Christmas break). Leave it to Bonnie to stretch us, huh?

That Slide Show quilt is simply amazing; LOVE it!

And your cabinet---what a splendid idea!

scraphappy said...

Love the red white and blue for the 4th of July. I can never get the hang of binding by machine, but finished is the best kind of quilt. The slide show quilt is a great pattern, I'll have to remember that one! Best of luck on RRCB, mine is abandoned at the string block stage as well. I guess I should get back to it......