Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Stitches in Smith Mountain Morning and More

Today was my fifth day of migraines in a row...I take quite a bit of daily medication to keep them under control and though I still get plenty of migraines it was really working well...then last month I was really sick but only lasted two days. This month I just can't shake it. I take sumitriptan when I get a bad one but it seems to rebound me into a cycle I just can't get out of about 20 hours after I take it. Today I tried to just get past that time and not take it (I have never taken it more than three days in a row that I can recall) but by 2 PM I would have gladly taken a another sumitriptan...and by 3 I felt the best I have felt all day. I then got to sewing and later to do some cleaning since I have a friend from work coming over for the first time tomorrow. She wants me to teach her to sew! I am crossing my fingers the migraine isn't back when I wake up...I tend to wake up with them and unless you get them I don't think you can comprehend the pain. I know I take my meds and make it to work (and life) as much as possible and I think people feel it must not be as bad as it it. Can I just isn't, it is worse. There I will try to look on the bright side. They won't kill me, it just feels like they will.

On to brighter is the very first of my half square triangles for Smith Mountain Morning! I have a long way to go, but the first stitches are in.

DJ helped me get my new Bonnie book spiral bound finally! It is so much easier to use this way and it just makes me happy.

I had an idea that I could bring in some drawers that were in the garage being unusued and organize my thread in them. So I did, and while at it I moved everything and dusted. Later I cleaned out the cupboards and got them organized and found lots of scraps (some of which I allocated for use now that I have a system and some of which went straight into a bag for BJ!)
Here are the two doggie quilts I finished up yesterday when my migraine was semi under control. Both these tops have been laying around here or there and I found them while cleaning. I backed them with dog paw fabric that Tiffany gave me for Christmas two years ago.

I quilted them up quickly myself and since they are dog quilts I am happy enough with the results. Done is better than in my drawer. They are now nicely waiting in my new shelf to be gifted. I will have to get another picture of it since it is filling up. I added two of my great grandma Myrt's afagans too.

I had to have this book when I saw it. The only thing I love as much as fabric is books. So far my favorite quilt is the one on the cover and I am debating using my new Denyse Schmidt fabric to make it (who am I kidding, I need a new project like I need another migraine!)

DJ brought the mail in while I was laying in bad and I was very excited to get this magazine which had Bonnie K. Hunter in it and a pattern of hers! I wasn't able to look at it for hours because my head was so bad, but when I finally did I was tickled. I haven't read the rest of the magazine yet!

I cut and sewed fifteen more of the tissue holders (now I need to buy tissue to put in them) this evening. I made a bunch last year and gave them away as Christmas gifts (mostly to my interpreter co-workers) and everyone liked them so much I decided to make some for family and friends. When you do them assembly style they take almost no time and I cut them from scraps of fabric and some donated by Michelle!

I am happy to have made some Christmas presents in July! I love to get a dent on the list becasue it gets here so fast and I have more time than money these days (and I don't have much of that!). I really just wanted to sew something that wasn't complicated because I was too migraine drugged!

I didn't work on Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll at all today (other than cutting a few strips from scraps) but hope to get to it tomorrow!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

MY GOODNESS! What a post! *pant-pant*.....I'm exhausted reading all of that.

First....GOSH! Sure with there was a magic wand for ALL PAIN in this world....I'm not a big fan of the saying "Pain lets you know you're alive."

2nd---where were you able to order the Austr. magazine from? I've done some searching to no avail, but I simply MUST make the Jamestown quilt. It's AMAZING!!!!