Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RRCB Step Five and a Cheddary (Sisters, Sisters) Challenge

Bonnie K. Hunter posted to her quiltville blog that she and some Sisters, Oregon friends were inspired by this image here (borrowed from Bonnie) to do a Leader/Ender challenge! I have never really done a Leader/Ender challenge and since I love Bonnie and love cheddar and have a whole year I figured why not join them! You can get the particulars on Bonnie's blog at and see my cheddary pictures too! The blocks will be 3" finished and as always Bonnie has included step by step directions with pictures in case you aren't familiar with the Bow Tie block! Join us and we will see what have in a year!

Since I don't think I have any cheddar in my stash I went to the and ordered this fabric! I will use what I have for the rest of the pattern, but I had to have the right cheddar, right? I wasn't sure if I should go with a print because I am a print kind of girl, but Bonnie is boldly going with a solid so I decided to follow suit! (suprise, suprise, I am a pattern and apparently a person follower--just as Amy!)

I did get in some sewing before work this morning and am more than half way done with my half square triangles....will be working on them again in about an hour if I am lucky! DJ is helping to rip paper still and I think I have her talked into ironing them too!


scraphappy said...

What a happy cheddar fabric. It will look adorable with all your fabrics

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOL!!! I may just follow suit Andee! :0) I haven't gotten so far as to read Bonnie's post today, so I'm off to read up on the challenge. How much did you order from ;0)

It's nice to see you still plugging away and making so much headway!