Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday's Progress

My sister is turning forty this week so in honor of that she, and two of her best friends jumped out of a plane today. DJ and I went over to watch thinking we would be there for an hour or so. (I should have known better after the all day plane jump with the kids in June!). We were there about three and a half hours (some of which I finished knitting another dishcloth, look at my stack coming along!) and it is most definately the longest time I have spent outside in Arizona that didn't involve cool water. I don't know how anyone lost in the desert survives. They didn't have an indoor AC place for us to hang out in and it was a hot, sweaty morning. My sister and friends really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see the videos! It was worth it to see her doing something fun that didn't involve any alcohol. They are at the bar tonight though.

After that I took a shower and simply laid around trying to get cool and rehydrated. I finally went in the quilting studio and sewed one RRCB block up to see what it would look like.

I wish I would have picked one with more intriguing fabrics, but you get the idea. Oh and I had to unsew once because I was just sewing away not even paying attention once I was past the pinned parts. Finished this lame audiobook--yay.

I did manage to get started on my Amy's Passions BOM/Quilt of Valor for my nephew Navy quilt.

Added some more sashing...

Row two isn't sewn on yet, but later on tonight or tomorrow. I could be sewing, but don't have much motivation tonight. That sun zapped me!

I did do one more bow tie no pic on that yet. It is a cute one, oh who am I kidding those tiny bow ties are all cute!

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scraphappy said...

Love the sneak peak of RRCB. I think it will look great. Happy to see your progress on the BOM, it will be a quilt before you know it. So you went to watch your sister jump out of a plane but didn't do any jumping of your own?