Friday, July 15, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Happy to report that step 5 is done (well ok have 50 more to iron!)

on RRCB!

Here is a picture of the first of my hst's for Smith Mountain Morning and here is an up to date picture of my string blocks now at 35 done and 25 to go! I exceeded my goals for today and am tickled pink. We are now stuffing ziplocs with my name and email address in anticipation of getting my swap stuff loaded tomorrow for SMM.

We also decided to tackle the figuring of my sister' Crown quilt. I am shamelessly copying the quilt from because I love how it turned out! We had to figure out how to make the pattern I have for the Hunter's Star go from four colors to three but we got it worked out. Many more hst's are in my future.

This quilt will eventually be for my sister who loves Crown Royal. You can also see my Vera Bradley paperweight. It is being put to good use because the fan in the quilting studio blows papers everywhere but it keeps us cool!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...


I am really enjoying sitting back and watching ALL that you (and DJ) ;0) are accomplishing :0)

Has DJ actually sewn something yet? I don't recall seeing any pics of her AT the machine.

Continue enjoying your weekend!