Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Step 5 on RRCB

After work tonight I got started on RRCB step 5. I am about a third of the way through these 600 half square triangles. They aren't ironed yet...I have more pinned and ready to sew.

DJ ripped the paper off for me (love that!) while I was pinning some more strips to the Thangles I am using to make them. We are watching the movie "Amadeus" which I saw when it first came out and remember liking...so since she hadn't seen it we got it from Netflix.

Hope to complete step five tomorrow or the next day....still no more string blocks done though so thirty more of those to go! What a quilt!

I am working on my third dishcloth though...when I am on hold calls (interpreting on the phone) at work I have started knitting. I am amazed how much I can get done in ten minutes here and five minutes there! It worked out well last year to gift two or so to various people for Christmas so I am trying to stockpile some more. The first one wound up in my sink though!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Yes dear...it IS amazing what you are accomplishing with a little time here and a little time there! So, what has been worse? Step 3 with those strings or Step 5 with all those HSTs? I've never used Thangles and Triangulations before; simply have used the Easy Angle ruler---what are the pluses of using Thangles? Faster?

AND....Amadeus! Now you have me itching to watch that again! It's often been the 'background noise' in my quilting room; still in VHS format :0) LOVE that movie. Can't help but laugh when his laugh comes out; how have you interpreted it for DJ?