Saturday, August 6, 2022

Gudrun's Kimberly Sewalong!

Here are my fabric choices for Kimberly.  I think I already mentioned that I made my own layer cake for this pattern.  Really trying to use what I have and not buy fabric at full price these days.  The sewalong was on Sunday and I just finished the blocks today.  I sewed alone as no one wanted to join me on it.  I listened to audiobooks while I was sewing.  Here are my July reads!  My five star favorites were "The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating," "The Sound of Gravel," The Last Garden in England," Persuasion," (reread) and "Intimations."  It was another good reading month.

Here are the blocks I had done on Sunday as I played with the layouts.  Gudrun offers three different options and several sizes.  Mine will be lap size.  This is Kimberly 1.0.

This is 2.0.

This is 3.0 which is the one I planned to do.  However 2.0 has a secondary pattern of pinwheels which I really like so I may be going with that.  I will try to mix the fabrics better though!


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