Monday, June 6, 2022

Soul Mates with my Sewing Buddies!

Soul Mates clue one is done!  Barb and I sewed with Becky on Saturday afternoon, and we managed to complete our clue one already.  Here are my fabrics again.

Here are my block A's.  I am pretty happy with them.

Becky also decided to go with blue and brown.  Looking forward to seeing how our different fabrics in the same colors turn out!
Here is Becky's block A.

Here are Barb's blocks in Quilt of Valor colors.  This will be gorgeous too!

These gorgeous blocks are Becky's Ruby Jubilee aka Amythyst Jubilee.  She and I and Barb are enjoying this one too!  So glad I have far away friends to sew with as this is my main social life!

I did have my first real outing in over two years.  My daughter got us tickets to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical.  It was a lot of fun.  She dropped me at the door and I found a bench to wait on til she parked and came in.  The walk in was fine and we had great seats and she even put me on an aisle (I hate to be squished especially by strangers).  The group next to her did not show up so we had a nice chunk of space to ourselves.  She was planning to pick me up but I felt up to walking to the car since the way in was so easy.  I could not have walked in and out as it was a bit of a walk and slightly uphill over a bridge to the car but it pushed me to about what I could do so I was happy with it.  Feel alright today so I do not think it was too much (if too much I sleep all the next day).  
I started LDN (low dose naltrexone) four days ago and am super hoping it will be the miracle I need to lose at least some of the fatigue I deal with daily.  It is good for both MS and ME so I have hope.  



Deb A said...

Fingers crossed the meds help you out! Lovely fabric choices all around and what a fun way to sew. Glad you were able to enjoy your outing with your daughter. Fun memories for sure.

scraphappy said...

So happy for your successful outing. Sounds like you were able to push yourself just enough.