Thursday, June 23, 2022

Simple Whatnots are not so Simple for Me!

I used the Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day ruler to make my flying geese (in the wrong size but we won't talk about that) and in looking over the directions I saw that I am supposed to be cutting a notch out (as above in the picture) to help them lay better.  All this time I have used this ruler and I do not remember ever doing this (though I might have then just randomly forgot and stopped doing it!).

I also managed to make the pinwheels in the wrong size.  This sewalong (Simple Whatnots III) has a page of directions for each clue and those directions refer you to a page in the book.  Of course the technique is in the book but we are to disregard the size (at least most of the time) and with my brain fog I cannot seem to get this right.  

So here are the parts with the correct size pinwheels.  I redid them in the right size.

And here is Barb's progress.

So here is my Simple Whatnots mystery so far.

Barb's progress.
Kathleen Tracy decided to do a tiny Fourth of July mystery on her facebook group so I cut that out (Barb too).

I forgot to put my May reads on the blog so better late than never.  


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The Joyful Quilter said...

Sorry about your block sizing challenges, Andee! Is there a link you can share for the 4th of July Mini Mystery? That's some reading log! What did you think about My Grandmother...? I've read it and passed it along to friends. Those friends provided mixed reviews.

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